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Dragon Ball Z Kai and GT quiz

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by PaizleeRox, May 8, 2013.

  1. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    Heres a quiz for Z Kai and GT!

    Z Kai

    1) What is Gokus brothers name, and what is its full-blood pun?

    A: Raditz;Radish
    B: Foshai, Fusha
    C: Broly, Broccoli

    2) In a Z Kai movie, " Rise of the Super Saiyan ", what is Brolys reason to kill Goku?

    1: Goku hurt Broly as a baby
    2: Goku had a louder cry than Broly
    3: He had a higher power level.

    3) What weapon of choice does Future Trunks use?

    1: Mace
    2: Nunchucks
    3: Sword

    4) True or False: It took Goku 6 months to complete Snake Way

    1: True
    2: False

  2. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    Z Kai:

    5) What does Future Trunks offer the Z Fighters after defeating Android Freiza?

    A: Soda
    B: Food
    C: Training

    6) True or False: Vegeta states that " All Saiyans have black hair "

    A: True
    B: False
  3. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord


    1) What is Gohans daughter and wifes name?

    A: Pan, Videl
    B: Hairriet, Dishei
    C: Unai, Ginger

    2) What does Trunks shout after Baby enters his body?

    A: NO! STAY OUT!

    3: True or False: Vegetas hair is the same as it was in Z Kai

    A: True
    B: False
  4. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    4) Goku aksed Dendei and Mr. Popo something in the first episode. What was it, and when?

    A: At Lunch, " Hey, whens the second course? "
    B: During Training, " Hey, you gonna end this? "
    C: He didn't ask anything.

    5: Who does Vegeta drag to the ship after Goku is made into a child again?

    A: Goten and Trunks
    B: ChiChi and Videl
    C: Bulla and Gohan

    6: True or False: ChiChi yells at Goku for " being turned into a child "

    A: False
    B: True

    If you get 8-12 answers correct, you get a rep!
  5. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord

    Will someone please just do the quiz?

    First one to answer the questions gets a rep.
  6. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    Now I want to answer it correctly but my memory is not helping a lot at all :p Here goes my best try, not using youtube or the Dragon Ball wiki for this.

    1) A, Raditz, radish.
    2) B, Goku's cry was louder, so it annoyed him, kind of.
    3) 3, Sword.
    4) False, it was some time shorter than the Saiyans had arrived Earth, but I don't remember the time.
    5) A, if memory serves me right he offered them sodas.
    6) True

    1) A, Pan and Videl, respectively
    2) B
    3) False, it is shorter, almost the same style but shorter
    4) I think it was A
    5) A, Goten and Trunks
    6) True, also ranting about destroying the family and some more things
  7. PaizleeRox

    PaizleeRox real life edgelord


    Its accually almost like a buzz cut, but with about 3 inches of hair coming off.
    Yup. Adult Trunks is cute.
    No, she was crying to Videl about " I was already aging faster than Goku, and now this! "

    Good job, earned yourself a rep!
  8. EscapeThisNet

    EscapeThisNet Escape This

    1) A
    2) B
    3) Sword.
    4) True
    5) A
    6) True

    1) A
    2) B
    3) False
    4) A
    5) A
    6) False
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