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End war

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by DarkStar, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Idea by me
    RP by LAMAS(All credit to him)

    This RP is a solid ammo one. No Hammer of Down type weapons.

    The year was 2009. President electee Barack Obama has been Assassinated the day of his inauguration. Duncan Walker was sworn into the office a month later. A large oil and research company, ProGear have invested Billions of dollars in the Iraq war, and walker is swayed to continue to war.
    The war in Iraq waged on and Iran has made the whole world quiet as it joins Iraqi militants. President Walker heads to Iran trying to secure a signed document to prevent nuclear warfare. He succeeds, yet at the cost of his life. Once the bill was signed, president Walker was killed in an explosion, along with his vice president, Hillary Clinton. (ololol, THATS what I'm talking about!)
    Speaker of the house,Nancy Truman, is inaugurated as the first female president. The powers of the world have a meeting in Prague,France. Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadubejad, is absent from the meeting.
    As the meeting progresses, a flash is seen througout the european skies. Suddenly, all contact with Europe and Asia is gone. Everyone on mainland Europe and Asia is dead Outlanders such as the U.K and Japan have taken massive casualties(Consider them written off) .
    The oil and research tycoon company, ProGear, had invented a weapon which they deemed "windsinger" due to its' ability to travel through the air like wind, with a loud whistling noise.They sold it to the Iranians. The Iranians then used it to completely wipe out most of Europe and Asia.

    40Years have passed, and the world is divided. Millions of people moved east, to Europe and Asia to begin rebuilding. Everything is controlled by ProGear. What started as merely an oil and research company, grew into the growing power in the world. They claimed it as thier own, and those who believe otherwise are crushed. However, there is resistance. A group who deem themselves as "The Red Faction", have begun building an army. They are not as large as ProGear, whos' military is nicknamed "The Black Death" due to thier symbol,a black skull. But they have grow large and can support there own people.
    Since the time when the people headed to Europe and Asia, there was no news of them. But now, in the year 2055, there has been news of a large army forming. They have been recognized as "The Silver" largely due to the fact that there weapons and gear were silver and almost seemed to glow.
    The Red Faction sensed that the time to end the oppressive ways of ProGear have come. With the arrival of the Silver, they sense freedom is near.
    They were wrong. Silver wasn't coming to help The Red Faction, but merely to conquer both the Red Faction AND ProGear. It is a three way, gloves off battle for the earth and complete control between the final three groups of organized civilization. Only one will win....who will YOU join?

    The Groups

    The Red Faction Classes

    Red Trooper: Your run of the mill assault troop. Carries the basic m45 laser rifle. Has a couple of Emp grenades.

    Red Sniper: The most relied on troop of the Red Faction. Relies on long range attacks. Carries a L32 Photon Rifle bullets can travel miles with ease. Also has a laser pistol.

    Red Bomber: Wields D6 Photon rocket with penetrating warhead.

    The Black Death Classes

    Death Trooper- Equipted with the L45 (the counter weapon of the m45) also has a secondary photon cannon equipted into it. Carries Photon and laser grenades.

    Death Sharpshooter- Carries the formidable Z21 Laser rifle with almost cannon like hits. Also armed with the multi shot laser pistol.

    Death Sapper- Equipted with D3 Laser rocket. The most accurate bombers, and the life and soul of the Death army.

    The Silver Classes

    Silver Trooper: The most versatile of the trooper classes. Also equipted with the L45 (see Death trooper) with a built in tracker. Also has a hud map that can be seen through the scope. It marks known enemy locations. Also carries a V2 shotgun, and photon grenades.

    Silver Longshot: Has the Z25 photon rifle with a built in tracker. Also has a hud map that can be seen through the scope. It marks known enemy locations. Carries the V2 shotgun.

    Silver Heavy Trooper: Have a big tank blocking your way? A battle plane maybe? No worries..the red bomber will take care of it! Equipted with the LMS23 Photon rocket, automatically locks on to targets.

    Photon weapons are made from (in this story) phosphorus. When the photon hits something, the natural properties of the white phosphrus kick in, causing an explosion due to its' sensitivity to atmospheric oxygen. the long ranged troops using photon weapons have VERY small amounts of phosphorus in there weapons causing small "Pops" rather than large explosions.

    I have not RP'd in a while please forgive error

    Name: Riccardo Reader
    Faction: The red faction
    Class: Sniper
    Description: Comes from a long line of shooters who have served in many wars. Has a compulsion to put himself in danger. He is currently dressed in Dark Ghillie.
    Weapon: Modded L32 (Old sight replaced with Primitive HUD) and A laser pistol.

    "Well here I am", I thought to myself. Placed in a very old set of tower blocks. They were perfect, a godsend to me as they covered both sides of the battlefield. I sat there picking off the occasional fool stupid enough to stick his head up though I had to remind myself of my mission and that was to be unseen, not to take part in the fighting and to let the Silvers and Blacks kill each other and to pick off the higher ranks from afar. That was when it happened the black death had ordered a charge. I knew it. They were heading for my building; well the silvers near my building. I had no idea of any red back up. "Looks like I am on my own", I thought to myself.
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  2. wolfyboy

    wolfyboy Guest

    I'm trying to think of my chatacter. CX Imma rp with you just give me a second to think.
  3. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Kik: _Anjanath

    Umm...he is banned.

    Just thought I would throw that out there.
  4. Sephon Mcjagger

    Sephon Mcjagger Rp'ing a good hobby, and keeps creativity High!

    AWE DARKSTAR man~ that was a awesome sauce person now :(Star is gone... But now I have another star a COSMIC STAR >pulls into a cuddle<
  5. JuanVenus

    JuanVenus n00b

    I am with Red Bomber..They are dignifying group..They have successful and immense features.

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