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Evil ;)

Discussion in 'Hell' started by Simsy, May 16, 2012.

  1. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Would u have the balls to physicallly torture someone ????

    I must say I wouldnt
  2. Jman

    Jman Guest

    If I had a good reason. I wouldn't kidnap someone and torture them just for lulz, if you're asking. But let's say this person, I dunno, killed someone close to me. I'd torture them to the point where they'd beg for death, but I'd keep them alive. Totally useless, helpless, and broken, but alive.
  3. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Well If I had a strong enough reason I would brutally fuck them up lol But I was meaning if someone paid you to torture someone you never knew or never knew what they did ??
  4. apassingguy

    apassingguy Just passing through

    I prefer emotional torture; it's more fun to break people's minds down. Ahahahahahahahaha!
  5. JanineKitty

    JanineKitty Guest

    Not a lot of people have the stones to torture someone, even if they are utterly convinced they do. The sorts of people that are capable of torture don't really think about this kind of stuff, or have urges to hurt animals when they are young so they have practice on top of something human broken in their brain.
  6. Well, I use blackmail and forms of persuasion to single out and mentally and socially torment and torture some people. Just 'cause i could. Back in my younger schooling years, I've actually had someone coming up to me, sobbing, showing me their cuts on their wrists, telling me I had caused them to do it. Do you know what I did? I laughed at his face, then yelled at him for not cutting deeper. That, indeed, led me to some trouble. To the extent that police and the school psychiatrist was involved. I didn't care, though. I enjoyed giving people grief and pain. Particularly emotionally. I do, however, do it more subtly now.
  7. Jman

    Jman Guest

    That's a very valid point. Though I say I could do it if I had a good reason, the fact that I haven't been in such a situation gives me pretty much 0% credibility when it comes to torture. >.>

    I veer from opposite extremes of empathy and apathy, and while I'd like to say I could distance myself from the act of torture if I ever had a legitimate reason to torture someone, I can't say for certain that would be the case.
  8. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Well , yes. I'm sure I could kill a person to. I have to have a reason though.
  9. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard


    Torture is for people with little dicks :D
  10. the favored

    the favored nibz

    nine inch nails -broken movie
    now thats a goddamn masterpiece of a short film i recommend you guys watch it

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