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Forum Rules ==READ==

Discussion in 'Funny Games News' started by Devin, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Devin

    Devin Administrator Staff Member Administratior

    Credits to Colt, and Charismatic_Caterpie I am just re-posting this because apparently some members can't read the very top of every forum.

    Hello everybody, Welcome to the Funny Games forums.
    These are just some simple rules to follow and abide by at all times while posting on a
    thread. Not following these rules will result in a warning, and if so you have not listened to a warning and continue to not follow the rules you will eventually be banned depending on your warning level or the severity of your offense.

    Charismatic_Caterpie or Myself will keep these rules updated
    and if you find we've missed a rule that should be added or you find a flaw in the rules,
    please PM me or Charismatic_Caterpie.


    [1.] DO NOT SPAM. [.1]

    This is definately the biggest problem we're having on this forum, it's very annoying and will not be tolerated.
    If you choose to spam you will receive a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban depending on how severe the spam is.
    The following are considered spam:

    • [*]Double and Multiple posts. If posted something and you realize you made a mistake, use the edit option. If it won't let you edit it, PM a moderator to edit what you want it to say.
      [*]Posts that obviously serve no purpose other than raising your post count.

      [*]Conversations in threads are considered spam, conversations are meant for PMs.

      [*]Any posts that Moderators or Admins find innappropriate for other readers.

      [*]Responses to spam posts are considered spam and will be removed. However, spam warnings won't be given in such cases except in severe cases.

      [*]Posts that contain large amounts of smileys and/or spaces. (example - :guns::roftl::ass:i am so cool :guns::ass::roftl::rcain::fmad::stupid::stupid: )

      [*]Double threads, meaning if a thread already exists and another thread just like it is created. Please search if a thread exists before creating one.

      [*]Off Topic posts will be deleted. Off Topic being a post that has absolutely nothing to do with the Thread Subject.

      [*]Any posts that are just simply "hahaha lol" or "I agree with that post" or anything of that nature are considered spam and will be deleted.

      [*]Bumping. If a thread is old and you want it to continue don't just simply say "bump" to revive it, make the post meaningful and make sure the thread is worth reviving.
    [2.] NO ADVERTISING. [.2]

    This one's pretty straight forward, absolutely no advertising any links to other sites unless otherwise permitted by Petr.
    Links to videos or pictures are fine just so long as they are appropriate,
    if it isn't appropriate it will be deleted and you will receive a warning.

    [3.] +18 ONLY THREADS [.3]

    Please, if your thread has anything explicit or you find it should not be viewed by minors put a (+18 only) tag in the title of your thread. It doesn't take a lot of effort and it shouldn't be hard to forget so please take a fraction of a second to add it to your title.


    Try to keep the Inappropriate Language for the Hell Section.
    Any foul language anybody finds offensive will not be tolerated,
    it will be removed, and you may receive a warning or ban depending on the severity of the offense.


    At any point in time during your stay at Funny-Games, you are only allowed one account. Some people make more than one account for fun. This is wrong, and we'd request that you don't do it. It's officially against the rules, and any extra accounts being made by members will be banned, upon which the original account creator will be permanently to temporarily banned, depending on the circumstance.



    [6.] WARNINGS [.6]

    We have a system in place for when members misbehave, called warnings.
    They are based upon a percent and are shown to all users when you have one.
    Your warning percent will be raised when you:

    1. Break any of the rules mentioned in this Rule book
    2. Do something that's not mentioned in the rules, but still considered bad by a moderator.
    3. If you continue to disobey and disregard rules

    After a certain amount of warnings, your warning percentage count will climb to 100%.
    At this time, you are either temporarily or permanently banned, depending on the circumstance.

    It's usually temporarily, though.

    Warnings can also be temporary and permanent. This will be decided by the moderator giving you the warning.

    [7.] MINI-MODERATING [.7]

    Also known as mini-modding and backseat modding, this is when a normal member outsteps their authority and tells another player directly not to do do something, reprimands them, or falsely claims there will be action taken upon them.

    Example: If a newer member spams a post like this: lollll qhatthellooooooo

    Then if someone were to reprimand him, like this:
    No spamming allowed. You'll get a warning pretty soon.

    That would be considered mini-modding. That was a more obvious example, but it can come in other, less obvious forms.

    You're allowed to suggest things to other members, like giving them the link to the correct forum or showing them another thread that's already been made. If they do something bad that can't be fixed by a suggestion, then simple report their bad post and a moderator will take care of it.

    Examples here from a moderator of another forum:

    To give an example:

    These are an excellent example of the severity of mini-modding, and which kinds of "suggestions" are allowed. Again, posts like the one under the "Illegal" heading are mini-modding at its worst.

    DON'T DO IT.

    [8.] NO FLAMING [.8]

    Flaming is Making a thread or post insulting another member.
    If somebody's Flaming at you don't take it personal and flame back causing a flame war, it's not worth getting warned for or even banned.
    Just Report it or contact a Mod via PM and let them take care of it for you, easy as that.
    If they're new and ask terrible questions don't flame them, just help them out or ignore them and let somebody else help.


    1.So you want to make a thread in Messing Around and Talking just for chatting, eh? FYI, MAaT is made for talking. So if you make a thread that serves as a chatroom or general chat, it will be deleted upon being viewed by a moderator.

    2. If ANYONE posts a thread that has the thread maker asking for girls to "cam" with him or if he/she asks "does anyone have a cam?", the thread will be deleted and the user will be warned. We're not an online dating forum, or a hangout for hormone-charged young people. It's a GAMES site, for crying out loud.

    3. If any user makes a thread for girls/boys to talk to eachother, it usually leads to the types of activities mentioned above (example: webcams, cyber chatrooms), so the creators will usually not be warned, but if the thread is bad enough, there will be warning involved. Either way, the thread will be deleted up on viewing by a moderator, also.

    [10.] The Moderator Smilies [10.]

    Using the :locked: smilie WILL result in you being warned.
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