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Free Video Chat...

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by Sophizzlex, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Sophizzlex

    Sophizzlex n00b

    Well, i've been on Free Video Chat a few times now, the userplane function on the funny-games main site next to the chat box. From what i've seen the Admins are "£$^&ING USELESS! The rules are clearly listed next to the login section of the chat box yet the admins continue to use foul langauge ban people for no reason and actually be racist.. as I have alot of black friends i know how powerfull the word "******" can be. Someone actually got banned for sticking up to a racist. But what is TRULY SHOCKING is that one of the Admins *Dutch_Spawn* is 18, he has NO LIFE, he sits on that chat room all day... AND he's cyber dating a 13 yr old he met on that chat room. There's other cases of this but i thaught that might be the most imporant. This chat room is sickening.. i thaught it was someone you could chill with your mates? Whoever made them admin.. damn your retarded. :ass:
  2. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    We have a video chat? o_o

    Well, the program isn't part of the forums apparently, so I don't even know if I have any power over there. Petr assigns the admins for respective Funny-Games' functions, so I'd suggest not insulting him, unless if you want to deal with a ban.

    I think I'll go see what that's all about now, as if there's a problem this big, I think something needs to be done about it. Administrators who don't follow the rules themselves are a big problem. I wasn't even aware of this as of yet, so once Petr comes around, I think we'll have to have something done about the current people in charge of it.

    Thanks for your concern, but try not be so rude next time. Hopefully we'll have something done about it soon.
  3. mega_gamer 24

    mega_gamer 24 Banned

    yea that was a little much

    man i hope Petr cracks down because that is crazy!
  4. gabby22

    gabby22 wtf chick

    ok well sierrsa is crying hold on
  5. zibbodeptiole

    zibbodeptiole n00b

    St. Louis, Missouri

    Old school blackhat from St. Louis. Lurker more than anything online... but I do drop some nuggets when i get that wild hair.

    Starting up a local STL blackhat/affiliate mastermind group to meet one to a few times a month at a bar and talk shop. PM me if interested.


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