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Funny-Games UpdatezZzz

Discussion in 'Funny Games News' started by Kyle, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Hello FG forum users, hope you're all doing AWESOME today. I'm trying to clean up the forums a little bit after a little slide. I am kyle, the admin of funny-games, please introduce yourself -- if we haven't already met. Try to shoot me a PM, hopefully I don't receive too many. Keep the convos clean, and let me know if you run into any problems.

    The current style, (blue, grey, and white) is the only style that is currently working...I'm trying to get this fixed up so you can browse your favorite themes, but for now deal with it :rcain:

  2. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    received many complaints about not being able to view profiles and albums. Didn't notice this prior to the style change. This has been reverted for the time being to the original look
  3. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Fully reverted the forum. Will be working on improving this place one step at a time :)
  4. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Ok cleaned up a lot of the garbagio -- improved speed, reverted theme -- we're rocking now. PM me if you see something out of wack

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