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good books for 12 year old with high school reading level

Discussion in 'Books, Books, Books!' started by DragonDude1229, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. DragonDude1229

    DragonDude1229 n00b

    Im trying to find books for my little brothers birthday anybody know any good books:):)
  2. ShadowMcloud23

    ShadowMcloud23 Krystal's "buddy"

    Well I'm like him when I was in 6th I was reading at a sophmore level and can understand your position but, if he likes fantasy, try the Inheritence Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritence) or try the Warrios series by Erin Hunter (if he likes animals). Another fantasy series I recomend is the Ranger's Aprentice series,or just go with a good manga series,there's literally 1,000's of them on every topic.
  3. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    If he likes Anime , then Manga books like Sekirei.
    If he's more into normal books , then get quite a fantasy book. If he hasn't read HP , then a HP book.
  4. naughtylittlegirl

    naughtylittlegirl I hate school life....x

    Honest, the only thing I can think of is getting him Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Divergent and Insurgent.
  5. Oh goodness i dont think i will be of much help here, i was reading adult reading level books when i was 8 so my selection is pretty advanced.
  6. longy2000

    longy2000 Luv Ya! xoxo

    The hunger games series is a really good read, but some of its themes are pretty violent
  7. ???=_=???

    ???=_=??? sometimes silly

    try the books by david edding, read pawn of soccery and imediatly fell in love with his books.
  8. Grey Dreams

    Grey Dreams Colorblind

    (Yes, I know this post is nine months old, but hell, why not throw some books out here.)

    Since you say he has a high school level reading, and as a ninth grader who at age eight was reading and understanding the Lord Of the Rings books, let me suggest a few that I enjoy personally, and a few some boys might like.

    My personal suggestions:
    Any book by Edgar Allen Poe, preferably one of the "Entire Works of" type books. (All of his stories and such in a single volume. Usually don't cost that much at a Barnes & Noble, got mine for 10$.) (Horror/Gothic)
    Any book written by the Writer J.R.R. Tolkien. Duh. (Fantasy)
    Any R.A. Salvatore Book, preferably a trilogy collection. (Start with the Icewind Dale Trillogy.) (Fantasy)
    Any Janny Wurts Book. She has a massive series going on right now called "The Wars of Light and Shadow." She is my favorite writer of all time, so I had to mention her. (Fantasy)

    I'd have given some Manga suggestions, but all I have is Shōjo, and not Shōnen, I can't really... Oh! I know. Give him volume 1 of Dragon Ball. (Not Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball starts the story.) My brother loved those, I remember.

    Now, for books boys seem to like.
    The Inheritence Cycle by Christopher Paolini. My brother liked that, I remember.

    The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.

    Uh.... I can't think of any more. Oh well.

    Hope you get some of those for him.
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  10. lordmiva

    lordmiva n00b

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