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Good Songs Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by Suicidal Soldier, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    KoRn - Clown

    That song is pretty epic. :)
  2. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    I'll hunt down all my fav songs, by song, and group. This is going to take a while.
  3. A song that's Extremely well known...

    Last resort - Papa Roach

  4. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    Like I said. It will be a lot of work. Not busy right now. So, I'll do it.

    Theme music: not a band pre say, but I like it.

    1: Scars of Time (Chrono Cross)
    2: Chrono Trigger theme (World's Dream.)
    3: Something to Fight For (iron Man 3 theme song of trailer
    4: The Dynasty warrior songs (They all equally kick ass, as you mow down armies down by yourself.)
    5:Big O theme music. (Show Time and Stand a Chance are my favs.)
    6: Charlie Brown's Christmas opening theme (Christmas time is near!!)
    7: The Greatest Adventure (Form the Hobbit, not the Peter Jackson, but the BBC cartoon, seriously, WATCH it, it is a animated movie, and it tells ALL THE GOOD PARTS OF THE STORY! The modern films are just milking the hell out of the franchise.)
    8: All music in Guilty Gear and Blazblue (After all, the team who made it, did their own music, the main head of their studio IS a rock and roll man. He does the guitar riffs!)

    By artist/band: Not in alphabetical order, by memory.

    Three Days Grace: Animal I have become

    Rammstein: Engel (Angel) it's in German, but I read the lyrics, showing that angels are just cowards who hide in the Sun, so we humans are too cool to be angels as a result!

    Hurt: By Johnny Cash AND the Nine Inch Nails versions.

    Now I remember Cash, my fav songs by him.

    - A Man named Sue
    - When the Man Comes Around
    - God's going to cut you down
    - Ring of Fire (His second wife wrote it. Still counts as Cash tohugh as they toured together.)
    - I Walk the line

    Led Zeppelin

    - Immigrant Song
    - Stair Way to Heaven
    - All My Love


    - Madame Blue


    Hotel California!

    Fleetwood Mac

    - Dreams

    Buffalo Springfield:

    - Stop Children.

    Roger Waters "Amused to Death"

    - The WHOLE DAMN CD. Every song is a treasure!

    Pink Floyd:

    - is there Anybody out there?
    - Comfortably Numb
    - Wish you were Here
    - Goodbye Blue Sky


    - Highway to Hell
    - kicked in the Teeth Again
    - Shoot to Thrill
    - Back in Black
    - you shook me all night long

    Talking Heads

    - Once in a life Time
    - On the road to no where


    - His cd "Release Therapy" just brilliant.

    Bob Dylan

    - Like a Rolling Stone
    - Blowin in the wind
    - The Times are a changin
    - Mr Jones

    Jimmy Hendrix

    - little Wing
    - purple Haze
    - Voodoo Child
    - Along the watch tower (A Dylan cover, but Hendrix's godly guitar skills make it better.)

    Frank Zappa!!!!

    - Cosmic Debris
    - I'm the Slime
    - Muffin Man
    - Montana
    - The Eskimo Song (There's like two versions or so.)
    - My guitar's going to kill your mama

    Rolling Stones:

    - Paint It Black
    - Daddy your a fool to cry
    - Monkey Man
    - Sympathy for the Devil
    - Can't get no satisfaction

    The Who:

    - Behind Blue Eyes
    - Pinball Wizard
    - Teenage Wasteland
    - Who are you?

    The Beatles: (keep in mind some of these songs are single, not group. But they were part of the band hence the label.)

    - Welcome to Crackerbox Palace
    - Fool on the Hill
    - She's Leaving
    - Here Comes the Sun
    - Hey Jude
    - Let it be
    - Well well well

    Billy Joel:

    - We didn't start the Fire
    - Piano Man
    - Moving Out
    - Innocent Man

    Bruce Springsteen

    - Dancing in the Dark
    - Born to Run
    - Born in the USA (Best war protest song, ever!)


    - Eye of the Tiger

    Stan Bush:

    - Dare!
    - You Got the Touch (Yeah, I'm a Optimus Prime fan. So there.) (original, not live action. Freakken Michael Bay.)

    Meat Loaf:

    - Bat out of Hell
    - I would do Anything for Love ( I like the song, the video well, is obviously beauty and the beast, with hot girl on girl action to boot!)

    Tom Waits: Freakken Tom Waits! He is a LEGEND. Hell, Bob Dylan (Yeah, THE Dylan from upper in the list.) Well, to say it blunty. Dylan thinks he is a greater writer than he is! That is a big ass honor. Also the guy has a funny/snarky attitude.

    - God's Away on Business
    - Downtown Train (Screw you Rod Stewart!)
    - Waltzing Matilda (Read the above statement.)
    - All Hell Broke Luce
    - Little Drop of Poison (It is in Shrek! Yeah, when Charming goes to the bad guy bar, it's playing, Hook is WAITS!)
    - I don't wanna grow up
    - I do not want to fall in love with you
    - The Piano's been Drinking (It's a comedic song, and it really is.)

    Rod Stewart: Yeah, I know what I said, but there are only two songs I like from him. He is more of a entertainer than a musician.

    - Faith of the Heart
    - Forever Young

    Elvis: Hey, he's a legend on purpose.

    - Heart Break Hotel
    - There will be Peace in the Valley
    - Love me Tender


    - EVERY SONG. I love their beats. My absolute favs are Feel Good Inc and Melancholy Hill.

    Foster the People:

    Pumped up kicks: (I cannot listen to it right now, because of the shootings and such, but then again. The hwole point of the song IS PRO GUN LAW.)

    Joe Esposito

    - Your the Best ( I was really young in the 80s, and I love it.)

    Goo Goo Dolls:

    - Iris
    - Slide
    - Black Balloon
    - Name
    - Tonight is the Night Starts Over (it's a nice Christmas song.)
    - I'm Still Here (This song came out when I graduated high school, means a big deal to me. Because the song is about the kid, becoming a man.)

    Peter Gabriel:

    - Don't Give Up (The reason you should never give up on something good!)
    - Solsbury Hill (major tripy religiousness experience.)


    - Moon Light Sonata
    - Ode to Joy

    Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne:

    - Crazy Train
    - Iron Man


    - With or without you
    - Still have't found what I'm looking for

    Match Box 20:

    - Push (My break up song!)
    - If you're gone
    - She's So Mean
    - Back 2 Good


    - Under Pressure (Has David Bowie in the mix, he can sing!)
    - The show must go on
    - Fat bottom girls
    - Bohemian rhapsody
    - We are the Champions
    - We will rock you!
    - Who wants to live forever?

    That's it, I think.
  5. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    Damnit, how can i forget Blue Oyster Cult or Journey?


    - Don't Fear the Reaper
    - Burning for you


    - Faithfully
    - Don't Stop Believing
  6. Linkin Park songs (all)
    Lana Del Ray songs (all)
    Evanescense songs (all)
    we are the fallen songs (all)
    fireflight songs (all)
    heavy rain soundtrack
    halo 4 soundtrack
    Bullets by Archive
    and thats all i listen to folks
  7. Happybear123

    Happybear123 FurryLoverWill's slave

    I love Cher Lloyd <3 Especially her song Oath! Demi Lovato isn't to bad.... Rhianna, you know those kinda people :p
  8. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    This one's one of my favorites from Nickelback, Hero:

    I am so high. I can hear heaven.
    I am so high. I can hear heaven.
    Oh but heaven, no heaven dont hear me.

    And they say that a hero can save us.
    Im not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles.
    Watch as we all fly away.

    Someone told me love will ALL save us.
    But how can that be, look what love gave us.
    A world full of killing, and blood-spilling
    That world never came.

    And they say that a hero can save us.
    Im not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles.
    Watch as we all fly away.

    Now that the world isnt ending, its love that Im sending to you.
    It isnt the love of a hero, and thats why I fear it wont do.

    And they say that a hero can save us.
    Im not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold onto the wings of the eagles.
    Watch as we all fly away.

    And they're watching us
    (Watching Us)
    And they're watching us
    (Watching Us)
    As we all fly away.yeahaahh...ooouuhh(3)
  9. Cannon_Fodda

    Cannon_Fodda FGF's Frankenstein

    Alright it's been a good while. New list time.

    Kreator - Enemy of God (I really wish I'd checked them out when Zuesy linked them a couple years back)

    Unicron - Broken Vessels

    Northlane - Quantum Flux
    Northlane - Masquerade
    Northlane - Dream Awake
    Northlane - Dispossession
    Northlane - I Shook Hands with Death

    Structures - Hydroplaning
    Structures - Paralyzed_
    Structures - /

    Revocation - Dismantle the Dictator

    The Agonist - The Escape
    The Agonist - Predator and Prayer

    Infected Mushroom - Legend of the Black Shawarma

    Pendulum - Crush
    Pendulum - Watercolour
    Pendulum - Immunize
    Pendulum (Ft In Flames) - Self Vs Self
    Pendulum - Witchcraft
    Pendulum - Propane Nightmares

    Emmure - Lights Bring Salvation
    Emmure - MDMA
    Emmure - She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
    Emmure - Blackheart Reigns
    Emmure - Demons with Ryu

    The Ghost Inside - Engine 45
    The Ghost Inside - Unspoken

    Cerebal Bore - Maniacal Miscreation

    Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island
    Gojira - A Sight to Behold
    Gojira - Wolf Down the Earth
    Gojira - All the Tears
    Gojira - From Mars
    Gojira - To Sirius
    Gojira - Flying Whales

    Draconian - Morphine Cloud
    Draconian - Bloodflower
    Draconian - Earthbound

    The Amity Affliction - I Heart Roberts
    The Amity Affliction - Snitches get Stitches
    The Amity Affliction - Fruity Lexia
    The Amity Affliction - The Blair Snitch Project
    The Amity Affliction - Do You Party
    The Amity Affliction - Stairway to Hell
    The Amity Affliction - Youngbloods
    The Amity Affliction - 15 Pieces of Flare
    The Amity Affliction - I Hate Hartley
    The Amity Affliction - Chasing Ghosts
    The Amity Affliction - Life Underground
    The Amity Affliction - RIP Bon
  10. Transparent_Shadow

    Transparent_Shadow Accept yourself. You don't have to prove shit. Staff Member Administratior Moderator

    The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face
    The Weeknd - False Alarm (The videoclip is pretty epic too)
    Robin Schulz - OK ft. James Blunt
    Jake Bugg - Waiting ft. Noah Cyrus
    Calvin Harris - Hard to Love ft. Jessie Reyez (She is talented singer)

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