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(H-Game Request) based of the movie "incredibles"

Discussion in 'Need a help or have a request?' started by cptHentai&EcchiBoi, Jun 7, 2010.


  1. yes

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  3. sort of

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  4. stupid.....

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  1. i have no skills of making games or flash animations so, it would be awesome if someone would make this!
    my idea was the game would be based off the scene when Elastigirl (Helan Parr)
    gets stuck in the doors.
    it would be more of what if she didn't get the card key to get out, and that all the soldier people where pervs....and had their way with her XD
    although when i think of this, her leg comes unstuck and she's just pinched in one door by her waist.....

    would anyone be interested in making it?

    (not a lot of butt action though, it would be in there just not overly so...i seriously don't understand why people obsess over that so much....)

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