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Halo 3 RPG game Reopened

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by JOHNTWOK, Jan 19, 2010.


    JOHNTWOK n00b

    Welcome to the halo 3 Rpg game and its been reopened due to the strike of impact on it last year

    There are ranks and a armoury for you to choose from unfortunatly enemies havent been chosen as charracters to play as sorry.

    Ranks to choose from:

    Elites: Assult red,assult gold,assult blue,normal infantry,heavy support,gunship pilot,Normal red,Normal gold,Arbiter ( 1 space avalible )

    Armoury for elites With all new weapons lent to by unsc forces: Rocket launcher,Covennant Carbine,energy rifle,energy sword,plasma rifle,battle rifle,plasma pistol, flamethrower,smg.

    Uncs marines: Spartan soldier ( limited offer become one of these spartans spartan 118,116,115,114,113,112,111,110,109,108,107. )
    ODST marine,Normal marine,pelican pilot,heavy support,engineer,Comander,admiral,Johnson ( 1 spot avalible ), Admiral keyes ( female 1 spot avalible ),Cortana( one spot avalible),Lord hood ( one spot avalible ),Master cheif ( Spot taken By me)

    Armoury: Smg,Shotgun,rocket launcher,assult rifle,battle rifle,Missile pod,spartan laser,magmum,Energy sword,plasma rifle,Machine gun,Sniper rifle.

    Now to my story remember to lay it out like i do below and dont put unknown age put the age of ur trooper.

    Data core 001:

    Name: master cheif
    Unit name: Spartan 117
    Equiped with: Energy sword and sniper rifle
    Age: @*&^% Unkwon age
    Mission breifing: Unknown

    I was already in bad shape when they found me and i wasnt in for any battles that i could win but i had to go into the war again any way.

    I needed some rest after knowing cortana was gone and when i told Johnson he wasnt happy or mad he just said " you did what you had to do " and i knew now i had to do more because of brute packs following my trail. I had never thought of her when a image of courtana filled my sight and i could see only her.

    "This was the way the world would end" she said that worried me

    End of Breifing
  2. name:arbiter
    unit name:arbiter
    wepons:energy sword and beam rifle
    age:i don't know his freakin age!
    mission briefing:destroy dead planet(when a planet is infected with the flood i just forget the name of it and call it dead)

    set acorss for that dead planet we must compleatly glass it burn it to the core then crush each piece into dust as we arrived i shouted ready the machenery as the planet began to blacken i herd a elite laugh i looked at him and growled "do you think this is funny" the flood destroying countless planets i should put you down where you stand you filthy disgusting vile soldiar but i have seen you on the battle field you are skilled it would be stupid to wast such talent allright fire up the engines no creatures would of survived that not even flood i shouted about half way there the ship was on auto pilot i was at the bridge when i herd the transmission help meearghaaa a single flood spore must of made it onto the ship somewhere "we got flood"i announced barracade the doors get you weapons ready we are the only survivors it appears
  3. i am not gonna play

    i am not gonna play ignor my old post
  4. Dr Tourettes

    Dr Tourettes n00b

    Name: Arbiter
    Unit name: Arbiter
    Equiped with: Energy sword and Dual Plasma Rifles
    Age: Unknown
    Mission breifing: Unknown

    i had been following these brutes for a few days, it seems they caught the trail of the one they call "Master Chief". it was night now so i silently snuck up to their camp and broke thier necks, the last brute awoke before i could kill him and roared a loud guttural roar. i quickly threw a plasma grenade into his open jaws and dashed behind a tree. " ROAAAR!!" he roared again then i heard a big explosion and a flash of blue light. i came out from behind the tree and inspected the camp. no brutes were left. i picked up the trail they were following and went where it guided me.

    too overkill? sorr but i play alot of halo 3 and that wouldn't be too hard to do. anyway im out :D

    JOHNTWOK n00b

    MEMORY BLOCK 001:The begining

    Mission NaME: Back in action

    .....What happened........Wheres the back up................Cortana the ark gravemnd the covenant....
    THis is what i was thinking of during my battle in my craft after halo2 ended..........I was not ready for anything.
    "Get up Spartan" I heard those words come out a elites mouth and i woundered why.
    " GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BASTARDS" i said to them grabing clutch of my rifle and aming at them.


    " we must make haste before the brutes arrive " said a marine bleeding at the nose cursing under his breath to why the elites had joined up with him

    "he is right now me must go trust us" said a elite leading me to their ship.

    Memory Block Ends
  6. Simsy

    Simsy Guest


    Name: master cheif
    Unit name: Spartan 117
    Equiped with: Energy sword and sniper rifle
    Age: @*&^% Unkwon age
    Mission breifing: Unknown

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