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Harry Potter Fanclub

Discussion in 'Books, Books, Books!' started by non-aholic, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. bensneb

    bensneb n00b

    (")_(") :thumb:
  2. Mr.Game

    Mr.Game Guest

    I AM EXCACTLY THE SAME! but i dont like inkheart after the first one cause,it sucked.Inkspell and inkdeath sucked.Im waiting for the sequel to brisingr (it takes too long)
  3. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    JKR's style of writing is quite average , but the movies are among the best ever made.
  4. I liked the movies, i saw al of them except the first and the first half of the second. i hated the half blood prince though. Ruined the good vibes and made everything depressing in the end.

    Tip: tell a bunch of girls you have never seen the movie. You just got dates for the next 8 friday nights.
  5. Kyrth

    Kyrth n00b

    Movies 4-6 were too rushed, the first three books were half an inch thick and movies were 2hrs, the next three books, all 2 inch + movies *still* 2hrs.

    I enjoyed the first 6 books, I think that JK gave herself too much work to do with the 7th and she never evolved the characters enough. Still, very successful franchise and a whole new world for fanfic authors to play in.
  6. naughtylittlegirl

    naughtylittlegirl I hate school life....x

    I...LOVE Harry Potter! *_* Drarry...x
  7. Bushkid168

    Bushkid168 I am the Bush

    Although I dislike movies based on books in general, I like having a mental picture of a character. It helps me process the events of the book easier and more clearly. The seventh book was the hardest for me to read, and unfortunately, the movie wasn't out at the time :(
  8. Ollivander

    Ollivander Good dom daddy

    BLASPHEMY the books r way better than the movies unless ur illiterate.
    Also that wolf girl is probably more into twilight than good books.
    Also I made a group for HP fans if anyone is interested. I would like to see wat others think of the dumbldore issue and the inconsistencies of the stor that I talk about in there.
  9. Ollivander

    Ollivander Good dom daddy

    U missed the point of HBP then BC it is supposed to be depressing and angsty, I mean they are in the middle of a war with terrorists inside their shelter and out. Plus dumbledore is dying BC he was an idiot twice over and sirius was just killed months before it starts, and to top it off they are talking about ripping ones soul apart and killing people. The books were meant to become more mature as harry went through school, I mean look at the to future sessions umbitch called detention, and to top it off there is the romantical drama between the trio and ginny.

    Also I wish ur tip would work, I could use an excuse to watch them again and a date.

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