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hithikers guide

Discussion in 'Books, Books, Books!' started by molaram 5, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. molaram 5

    molaram 5 n00b

    the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy series is the most weird and wacky book ever
  2. kappsguy

    kappsguy kappsguy


    Douglas Adams is absolutely brilliant
  3. lesmorris

    lesmorris n00b

    re: Hitchhiker's Guide

    Nice... Loved those books, even read the fifth one, "Mostly Harmless". Take those same stories, put them in the hands of another writer, and it would be nowhere near as funny.
  4. yangxyuocxj

    yangxyuocxj n00b

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  5. vbvbndfm

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  6. allencity22

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  7. hj88199ds

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  8. hj88099ds

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  9. cgcgcvgh

    cgcgcvgh Banned

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    allencity22 n00b

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  12. 6kt9924z

    6kt9924z n00b


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    the death toll will continue to rise.

    Kiriyenko said to Frank

    at the age of 70

    President Xi Jinping called for increased cooperation among Yangtze River ports to transform the region into a "golden water route", during a surprise visit to the Yangluo Container Port, in Wuhan New Port, on Sunday morning.
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  14. poewrpona

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    Beijing time fourteen thirty-two on July 7

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