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How can people be so cruel?

Discussion in 'Hell' started by hannah16, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. hannah16

    hannah16 16. Bi. Horny. Slut

    Today for the 5 time in 1 week i saw my brother cutting and crying again.
    Looking at his phone he had 15 texts from different people abusing him, calling him a cunt, pussy, wanker and saying they were going to bash him, that our parents were incest, saying that no one will ever love him etc.

    How the fuck can people be so cruel to one person to push them to wanting to kill them self? Its disgusting, if you think your big and tough for abusing people think again, your a low life scum who should be fucking hated by everyone, that way you will feel the same way my brother and millions of others do.

    And the worst thing is, this has been going on for 4 years now. Im surprised it hasnt killed him yet, the amount of scars he has on his arms, legs, stomach and throat is insane. People judge others for what they see not who they are, fucking grow up you pathetic little wankers and realise the damage you are doing to people and their friends and familys
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  2. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Sorry for the atrocity your brother has to go through.

    Unfortunately, that kind of Ignorant behavior is part of the dark side of Human Nature, trying to show their dominance, hiding insecurity or even simple just trying to conform to one another to show their friendship in such cruel way. The person who is leading all this might even be a sociopath, having no empathy for your brother Emotional well-being and gets enjoyment out making him miserable..

    I know this cuz I was bullied all through Middle school, and since then I never saw of the Human Race the same way.
  3. Krystal23

    Krystal23 ♪♥♠♦♣Π

    This is all true. The human race is full of cruel a-holes who get off by depressing others and making life harder than it already is. If I could give them just a taste of what they make others feel...
  4. nyoscoruption69

    nyoscoruption69 New pics of me. PM Me


    Hannah please just stop. I know your only trying to help because your scared of loosing me but i dont want it. It will just get worse and worse. You know i love you, your my twin sister and i would do anything to make you smile. But i cant stop, it helps to much. It makes me forget about everything, it sends me into a surge of ecstasy. I love the feeling it gives me.
    Im sorry for the pain if cause you Hannah, making you sit by my bed in hospital numerous times. And having you come home and see me in the bathroom cutting. Im sorry youve had to hold me while im bleeding and crying. Im sorry for everything ive done.
  5. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Please PM me with these guys numbers, addresses, names, I like to do vigilante work :D

    I was also bullied through school But I have grown up to be like the bullies, except I do not bully innocent people,

    I bully the bullies :D I am not scared to take a beating, nor am I not scared to dish out a good beating
  6. No Vacancies

    No Vacancies Middle fingers up


    Except you're bullying me and Erica because you are jealous so you do bully innocent people
  7. uhh12345

    uhh12345 lost


    people are only fucked up beacuse there all a bunch of typical humans who dont see the value and meanings of life and what it has to offer they lack the mental values and lessons to be learned and massterd to become something much more than just sum human to become a real human not just some pupet attached to string they cant free themselves from the vine just learn to focus on your own prospective values and become one with yourself really learn what it means to be a human.
  8. Simsy

    Simsy Guest

    Well you see.

    Haha but the thing is @ NO VACANCIES

    People who need to threaten girls with SUICIDE, and make them feel all sympathetic for you just so they will talk to you. Dont deserve bullying, you deserve to be fucking tortured you my friend. I mean you are a vile little bastard, so yeah, you deserve far worse than just a little bullying.

    I hope we never meet up someday. God help you child I will fucking throttle you
  9. Sleepypanda

    Sleepypanda Guest

    No offence to u Hannah but I understand what he is saying. I'm being bullied at the moment and I cut, it just makes the emoyional pain seem so small :sad:
  10. im sorry to hear

  11. Kitsunegreen

    Kitsunegreen Guest

    I know how he feels... I have the exact same happen to me...
  12. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Really ? Now this is just bullying at its worst, why doesn't he transfer schools and change his number ?

    Seriously , bullying shouldn't be happening to start with !

    You should post the bullies numbers all over the internet, that will make them pay.
  13. keystone-69

    keystone-69 n00b

    dam that's fucking low

    wow thats some fucked up shit i know how it fells people used to fuck with me a lot back when i was in school if they were the ones being put through the ringer like that i think theyed end up fucking hanging them self's bc only a weak hearted baster looks for joy in other peoples despair. i hop the best for u and your brother and that he finds the strength to stand up and not take any more of there shit
  14. Ddestoryerofworlds2

    Ddestoryerofworlds2 The Damn Alpha Man

    The irony of human beings is this.

    They are genetically more willing/capable of evil and cruelty, then to actually do good.

    So good people, are good due to upbringing, and REALLY wanting to be good.

    Because despite my hope and faith, I can legitimately say humans are fucking monsters.
  15. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    :O i really hope that your brother is ok now and the bullying has stopped, nobody should ever have to hurt themselves because of other people.
  16. TheProudNerd1994

    TheProudNerd1994 Pm me for my IM names

    This goes out to all the bullies out there.

    if my brother was like i would hesitate to find the person and deal with myself. i can pick on my brothers. if you want to you have through me and goes for anyone. i see it as if you are going to put someone down just because you can. whats stopping me from doing the same to you. 2 wrongs don't make a right but maybe if lost some teeth u might learn. abuse is a abuse weather its mental or physical. in my experience mental is a lot more painful and lasts so much longer then physical. note there is always someone faster, stronger, and smarter then you that will put you in your place. and yes i have had the crap beat out of me before so i know what i'm preaching.
  17. every 60 seconds someone kills themselves, I feel your pain and i still do struggle with depression, i have and still do come under many forms of serious abuse from people and yes i have cut myself/attempted suicide so ya it really sucks, if you even think about hurting someone you know nothing about think again or i swear i will bash your face in so you know how it feels.
  18. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Its nature. Plain and simple, what? So what if people have compassion, its not my job to reach out and take care of anyone else. If you fall pick yourself back up, if youre at a point in your life where you just want die even though people.are trying.to help but youre just 'too far gone'. Your just wastings peoples time. The human race should not be judge on 'why are we cruel' its called survival. Compassion is a nurtured trait in my opinion. Species care about basic insticts. Food, shelter, procreation... yes some other species do have compassion in a sense but being cruel comes natural.... take it or leave it as you will im being honest here if your not going to.attempt to level out with me or.someone else and constantly mope complain and cry. Just fucking end it. If someone has a hard time due to poor life desicions in their part (not the government or company bankruptcy etc.). Let them be. They got themselves there.

    Just my opinion
  19. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    People are mean because they are selfish and unempathetic. When you can't put yourself in another's shoes and don't care about anyone but yourself how is it any surprise you have the capacity to hurt another? If you care what people think of you, even if you aren't a particularly nice person the thought that others will judge you should be enough to hold your tongue in a lot of situations. If you don't care what anyone thinks but can still empathize and imagine how your actions will hurt them again, you'll stop before hurting someone else.

    There's also the old adage that people break down others to build themselves up. That's a matter of cowardice and pettiness, and it applies to all bullies: in school along with internet trolls. Only small, petty individuals get joy from hurting others.
  20. The_black_kid123

    The_black_kid123 TheDoctor will see u now

    That's beyond terrible. I feel your pain. My sister went through the exact same thing and still is. I've caught her cutting. And blood stains on the sheets. The best thing you can do is be there for him, which I'm sure you are 100%

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