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How to make game like "storm the house"?

Discussion in 'Flash & ActionScript' started by SNP621, May 7, 2009.

  1. SNP621

    SNP621 n00b

    How can i make game like "storm the house"?
  2. Dezonus

    Dezonus n00b

    I know this probably isn't the best of ways to do it, but if you want to make it very much like storm the house, then I suggest using storm the house.

    You'll need a flash program, either Adobe or Macromedia flash, and a .swf decompiler.

    Download Storm the house:
    Now, I would give you the link, but as i'm a new user these forums wont let me...
    So, find Storm the House on here (pick your favourite one). Then once your on the game's page, right click on the page (not the game) "View page source". This will open up a whole heap of text, probably in notepad. Hit Ctrl+F to open find, type in ".swf", and it should give you the link. Now you need to paste that link somewhere on the internet, and then right click on it "Save target as"

    Open it up it the .swf decompiler, and decompile it to a .fla
    Now open it up in your flash program, and you can change it to your liking ;)

    However, if somebody would like to teahc him how to code it from scratch...if not, do what I said :)

    And sorry if any of this is a breach of your rules...I'm not sure...

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