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i could do with some help please!?

Discussion in 'Programming Room' started by own3d 08, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. own3d 08

    own3d 08 n00b


    hi thanks 4 looking at this

    right my m8 wants to make our own website with me but i dont no how to php code at all. and he does not have the time to teach me. is there any one out there that will give me the basics or anything? or even a tutorial on the internet will do.

    thanks :thumb::)

    //own3d 08
  2. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    forget php and learn html. also, there are programs that actually do the coding for you like adobe dreamweaver. you can either pay the $500 for it or you could pirate using bittorrent. check ISOhunt. i know my pirated copy works great:thumb:
  3. Ambrose

    Ambrose DREN

    That's all you need, it will be boring to study...
    But if you really want to learn it you probable does.
    If you give up... Website making is nothing for you.

    Start with HTML, then CSS... After that you can try out PHP
  4. Ram012593

    Ram012593 n00b

    ya there are many tutorials on html and css and javascript that i leaned at w3schools.com
  5. link

    link Guest

    Dont use any programs, just do it u self, it is slower but better result..
  6. bhavsta_97

    bhavsta_97 n00b

    hey. listen go on piczo it is great. you can make a fab website on there!
  7. loladin

    loladin Whaddawhore

    You serious?
  8. Draconis479

    Draconis479 Dancin the safety dance

    Ok, those of you who say that using programs and websites to get the code for you are just plain stupid. first of all, adobe dreamweaver and other software that code for you while you design use code that most people won't recognize or that are specific to that program. Also you may not get the product you want out of those programs if you do not know how to use them properly and are just newbs going at fresh out of the bittorrent factory. Also don't even use web sites, please, just don't I'm begging you. Most of those are just scams and the sights won't work, or will only work in certain browsers. Ambrose is right. Just go to w3schools.com. It has most languages and I personally think that you learn more coding it yourself. Also this may be the nerd in me, but I think that coding it yourself is a lot more fun than using a program. Also it gives you a greater feeling of satisfaction. Oh and I have used Dreamweaver. Its a good program if you know what your doing, but I still like hard coding it. So now that you have listened to my rant I bid you Adieu!
  9. gingey

    gingey SICK BLUD

    just make a bebo go on bebo and click sign up cause i have got 1 they are good so send me privete message wen got 1 then i will tell u mine
  10. RascleRhys.com

    RascleRhys.com Rascle

    Yes but with HTML you can only do limited things which is basically link something change the font (color, size etc) and an image and thats about it. At least with PHP you can create forums and things! I would also suggest learning Javascript since that is a good program
    But if you pm me with a question i may be able to help :)
  11. Nollog

    Nollog n00b

    I learned php from simply looking at come examples from the internet, and the php manual. I can't really help you other than tell you google around.
    However, if it's just a website, you could focus on the html and styling by learning css and html, that'd help your friend just as much.

    Don't forget PHP and learn HTML, as they're completely different tools used for completely different tasks.
    certainly learn html before php however.
    Dreamweaver code wouldn't work nicely with his friends php code I'm afraid.



    It's up to the individual to decide what tools they want to use.
    If they feel dreamweaver is all they need, then they should go ahead.

    It's up to the individual to decide what tools they want to use.
    If they feel dreamweaver is all they need, then they should go ahead.

    PHP uses HTML. HTML is the "view" to PHP's "model/controller"
    Definitely learn html first.
    Javascript isn't a program. It's a script language. And a sucky one at that.
    I hate it, but it has uses unfortunately.
  12. onlineakshay

    onlineakshay n00b

    Learning how to make a website is a long process.
    Ask me, I have learnt it by reading ebooks, searching for tutorials online and then trying it myself.
    The time taken is completely dependent on you. If you are dedicated then you wil learn it quickly.
    Best website to go through is w3schools for learning.

    Trust me they are the best.

    First Learn HTML, then CSS, then a client side scripting language like Javascript,etc. and finally server side scripting language like PHP,etc.
    The above four languages are the basic pillars for making a website.

    Do make sure that after reading a tutorial, you try it yourself first. After you have completely understood it, then move on to the next tutorial.

    Go ahead and best of luck.
  13. brenden96

    brenden96 Gaming Maniac

    Allow me to teach you some order in learning about your websites.

    First of all, you start off with HTML. HTML is like the mother of the modern-day websites, it's mainly the first language for actual web design.

    CSS is next, which is design-related. You can relate to your HTML taggs and for example change the colors of everything in the HTML taggs, by using your CSS. This will make it easier. Your HTML code itself will end up smaller and you'll have less work. Plus, you can use your CSS page / code for Multiple HTML pages at the same time, meaning you spare 5-10 times the work.

    AKA CSS is useful if you want a uniform website with the same colors etc on each page.
    Don't do it 10 times over in HTML, just use CSS.

    After that, a bit of javascript could be handy for you. Javascript is difficult for most, but if you got a hang for it it can end up good. You can for example make small pop-up windows show when people enter your site etc etc. I don't necessarily use this though.

    Then, you start with PHP. PHP is all about functions and slightly programming. You can for example, through PHP, make a function that allows you to change the color of a line of text you entered in a text are / input field, etc.

    In case you want understandable tutorials, do Not go around on youtube or just google.

    Go to w3schools.com for your HTML CSS and javascript

    PHP.net is literally a site all about PHP where you can learn and everything's explained.

    Best of luck, but most of all, have fun doing it.
  14. falakjain

    falakjain n00b

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