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I... I think i follow everyone

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by fuckmyassrightnowyoubitch, May 20, 2019.

  1. guys, i think i follow every "active" member here despite not being friends with anyone here, never thought i was that weird
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  2. Roxx

    Roxx The Renamon

    Dont worry thats okay :p
  3. i hadn't followed you yet and now i have, an thaks, you made me feel less socially awkward
  4. Roxx

    Roxx The Renamon

    no need to thank me for that^^
  5. feels weird if i don't tbh
  6. Archangelfather

    Archangelfather Master of the wild

    Really though, just shows a vast array of interest. x3
  7. well yeah i do have an interest for lots of things so yeah lol
  8. I think I stopped following anyone after the old core crowd left in...I wanna say about 2010? Maybe a little earlier, even.
  9. that's too early for me to remember, i wasn't here when that happened
  10. Yeah, I was on my original account then, that one doesn't even exist anymore. There was a lot more activity and a lot more chat back then
  11. yeah i wanted to reactivate the page but it hasn't worked so yeah
  12. I know the feeling. It never seemed to matter who tried to restart it, the whole place completely changed back then, and short of a few people who stick around, it's just not the same anymore.
  13. yeah it sucks specially because i never experienced a forum back in the day and i wanted to know what it was like
  14. Honestly? A big part was the silly chatbox thing that used to exist and you could get to from all the games. There was a decent core of people on it, and a load more just sort of around the edges - and this was back before the huge spam posts
    (that said, the thing that finally stopped me visiting the forums was that it was mostly those, and the staff seem to have cleared that up, so props for that)
  15. yeah, never had the chance, seems like fun tbh, but what is that chatbox?
  16. I *think* they finally took it away. Where the comments under games are (and in one place on the homepage), there was a link to this chatbox thing. It didn't update live, you had to keep refreshing it, but it had a specific one for each game (which is where game comments came from), and a site-wide one. You could still access it for a while by shenanigans, but nobody used it and I guess it's genuinely gone by now.
  17. so a global chat then, sounds cool but kind of a mess
  18. It was pretty solid originally. There were a couple of bad actors on it, for sure, but that'll always happen; it was honestly a pretty wholesome and well-moderated chat, just people laughing, joking, having a good time.
  19. sound just like what i imagined tbh and sa lot of fun
  20. For sure. There was a lot more activity on the forums then, too; but this was also back when the forums had a tiny area (I think one thread) for adult stuff, and it was all kept moderated down apart from that. Correlation is not causation, but there's definite correlation between the original decline and the rise of adult stuff here, which is honestly not what I would have expected.

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