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I... I think i follow everyone

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by fuckmyassrightnowyoubitch, May 20, 2019.

  1. yeah, who knew nsfw content would make a forum die
  2. Yeah, right? It was always here - the adult games had the same chatbox system, so you could accidentally get into the general chat from there, even, but moderation was a lot stricter about it. Then after the adult stuff came the spambots, and then the forum basically got wiped, like, twice...not many people came back. I see a few names I remember from then around, but not that many.
  3. well it seems like people didn't like the adult stuff, and it's sad because it killed what seems like a nice comunity
  4. Yeah. I was just looking at the members list, and the most active members are *almost* all old friends of mine from when I was first on here, and they mostly left around 2011/2012. A couple visited once or twice since then, but...
  5. that sounds like a really, really sad story man
  6. Yeah, it's been a real feelstrip down memory lane, looking at that xD To be fair, the original owner all but vanished at one point, which didn't help; any change of ownership is going to change things, and there were a lot of things - like the Spambot Wars - that didn't help with it, and weren't anyone's fault.
  7. sounds like this place just fell for bad luck and couldn't build itself back up, real sad
  8. Pretty much. I think once the spambots were being dealt with, a lot of the mod team and staff didn't like the way it was now, there were some real fallings out back then, and they left. And that led the way for the second wave of spambots and an even greater change in the community...that was when I switched accounts to this one; I realised that it was a different community so I came back as a different account instead of keeping my original one.
  9. well, seems like i came to a dried land in the search of the wetlands it once was and will never be again, so sad
  10. I'm still just impressed that people who haven't been online in 8 years are still higher on the "post count" table than current users. Although it kinda shows how active it was then.
  11. yeah it's just memories of a time past, hey man,it has been fun and all but i have to sleep,it's almost midnight here and yeah talk to you later man
  12. Sleep well, hun <3
  13. Transparent_Shadow

    Transparent_Shadow Accept yourself. You don't have to prove shit. Staff Member Administratior Moderator

    To be honest, since I've been around this forum all the Adult stuff (as you guys are saying) was kept moderated, but now anyone can just post any random picture or material of any type and maybe just get away with it. You know there's kids around this site right? Or there could be. I bet we all can agree on this.
    I guess you guys get the point, It's okey for you +18 members to post any kind of that material with a warning of "(+18) Content" type of thing, but I think it should be moderated anyhow. So, while I'm around and so on active, I will try and speak to Devin or Martijn to come out with a solution that we all can agree on.
    Tell me what you guys think and give your ideas on this.

    ~Re open chatrooms like we used to have back in the days
    ~Private groups that allow chatting.

    That type of thing. I want opinions on this...
    For now as I said, I'll try getting in touch with the other mods.
  14. I'm 100% on board with moderation. I'm actually more in favour of scrapping the adult stuff completely if it gives a better community.

    The key issues you have that way are that you *will* get predators who can be even harder to spot up front and moderate away, exactly because kids are on here.

    So yeah. I don't know that there is a solution that fixes everything; there'll be pros and cons either way.

    Also, r.e. my previous comment - "back in the day" (just so I feel old), there weren't any direct links that were too easy to find to any adult content, and at one point, no adult content on the forums outside a single sub. I get that there's a market for it that'll bring people in (hell, if I'm being honest, I found that side on google and moved back into the community from there), and maybe it's too late now to move back to what it was completely. It's a complex question; honestly, I figure a lot could change if the whole groups thing gets scrapped (maybe reset, but that depends on a hell of a lot of mod work to keep under control).
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  15. colin murphy

    colin murphy n00b

    kind of missionary lol but keep it up dude..
  16. xKay

    xKay n00b

    It does seem a little weird to me how random people follow someone without even talking to them first.
    Not that I mind it, just here it seems like a ton of people randomly message you or follow you, other forums haven't been like that for sure. I kinda like it though, its comfy
  17. i could have sworn it was the fact that it went down for some time but if you think it was the adult talk, well you've gotta have a reason for it so i believe you
  18. ThaGuy

    ThaGuy No one to Chat with :O

    Well.... not anyone on here XD
  19. well, i follow you now lol
  20. justlexi93

    justlexi93 n00b

    I don't follow anyone LOL. :)
    Does that mean that you're friendly?

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