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I need a new laptop, where can i buy?

Discussion in 'Computer Help Room' started by Meeoww, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Meeoww

    Meeoww cute and lost n00b ^_~

    Hello all!
    For study i will have to be often away from home, so i need to buy a new laptop^_^

    Do you know many european sites where can i buy it at cheap price?
    My laptop mustn't to be a monster, it is just for chatting and play World of Warcraft (just for questing and leveling), have you suggestion for the model?

    Thank you very much!
    Nyaahh! ^_~
  2. Meeoww

    Meeoww cute and lost n00b ^_~

    Thank you very much ^_~
    I'm looking for a low price because i haven't much money ç_ç
    Dell laptops looks nice ^____^
  3. Emprasoforvio

    Emprasoforvio n00b

    Acer Extensa should be good for you... ~ Aproxx 300 euros. 15.4" screen..

    vista home basic

    should be good enough for all school work. (and is very cheap aswell)

    hmm i should pay more attention to your question,

    next to this.. i could suggest a HP laptop for a worth around 500 Euros (everything around that price of that brand should do for you.)
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  4. steverand

    steverand n00b

    Hi Nyaahh,
    Here are the best, authentic online based shops:
    ww.misco.co.uk/applications/category/category_tlc.asp?CatId=602 (Europe based)
    These places contain a large number of New/Used laptops. Search for the best, most affordable one for you. There are many nice used laptops that business persons only used for a year and then found them obsolete for their purposes, but are still great laptops.
  5. Ystina

    Ystina n00b

    on any brand site you can find some link "where to by" So choose some laptop model go to there site and find the online store or some other store
  6. Faze

    Faze Guest

    191 mentote

    You can buy new laptops from any electronic shops you know for E.G: PC World, Currys etc.. Or if you don't know any of those shops, just go on to Ebay or Amazon and get it delivered to you in less than 2 days.
  7. crazyguy771

    crazyguy771 n00b

    if you can put yourbudget up to £380, then tesco is selling a dual core, 2gig RAM machine with vista premium for £380 - go to ebay and search for catalouge number 203-1098.
    if not, try ebuyer and look for a laptop with a decent processor (single core you need 2.0 ghz at least, dual core from 1.4 upwards as its actually 2.8!), 2gig ram (might say 2048 mb memory) and at least 80 hard drive

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