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i wanna be a game designer what do i need

Discussion in 'Flash & ActionScript' started by luvbadgirls, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. luvbadgirls

    luvbadgirls luvbringer

    hi and ty for reading this thread i need your advice.

    this is what i have: adobe flash cs3 and a begginers understanding of it

    so if you have any helpful info on what i should do next plz reply to this:D
  2. Risa PT

    Risa PT Comin to get you!

    Well since nobody has helped you, I guess I will!

    You already have 2 good programs, RPG maker is also a good program to have. I'm not sure if It's free but usually these things are pricey. If your really into this and it's your dream try to find a college near you that has game design as a course and take it. (unless your to young for college) Maybe you can look around on Google also.

    Hope this helps.
  3. gwarhammer

    gwarhammer Cpt on the Ship of Fools

    One thing I would ask is this: what kind of game are you looking to design? Specifically flash/actionscript as the forum heading would suggest? Or are you looking for a more detailed type of game design for a console or PC? Depending on what you want to do, and what languages you want to use, you'll need different tools.
  4. jamescarter

    jamescarter Banned

    As per the game designer concern i like to say that you need to learn adobe flash cs3 where you can easily design a flash game but for that you need good knowledge of flash features and functions. If you want best tutorial for flash then visit flashperfection website.
  5. slivkures

    slivkures n00b


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