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Increased Number of SPAM

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by By Reason of Insanity, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. By Reason of Insanity

    By Reason of Insanity I accidently your post

    I have noticed as much of you people probably have the large amount of spam posts in the forum in just about every section.

    I've come back from a 4 month break and as soon as I logged back in I noticed that every second post in the 'Latest Posts' section is FULL of spam from threads that are almost a year old.

    Yes I know this has always been an issue whether it's in the shoutbox, on game comments or in the Forum but it's seriously irritating. I know I sound like a Grumpy old man here.

    So im just asking if there is ANYTHING that can be done. If theres something i've missed in the past 4 months concerning this then whoops on my behalf.

  2. squashy693

    squashy693 JReeve

    there's not much us lowly non-admins can do im afraid

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