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Is Human Life A Good Thing?

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by Kenichi, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Everyone on this planet, in their own way, Is an asshole. nothing that can be, or ever will be done about it, and the race deserves to be fucked, not for the "serious" reasons Angeloflight stated, but for Murders, rapes, Theft, Basically fucking each other over for our own personal gain, That's what's got our race screwed
  2. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    No, honestly if every human were eradicated right now im fairly certain the earth would be fine. There really isnt anything 'good' about the human race minues the ingenuity but that can be debateable... fucking people always fucking this up man
  3. lead118

    lead118 Guest

    I think the good of humanity, taking into account all of humanity's advancements in the arts and sciences easily outweigh the bad. I am not a misanthropist by any means. Yes I do not like certain parts of humanity, but to me there is more good to be had given we continue advancing technologically.
  4. uhh12345

    uhh12345 lost

    The Human Race would be good if everyone would learn how to stop hatred
    For each other and learn to progress as everyone being Whole so we can all reach enlightenment And at some point everyone will learn not to judge one another and solve all these economic problems created to keep people stressed and busy on something as simple as a piece of paper with numbers on it
  5. reezo93

    reezo93 Love You B Xxxxx

    No I think we're fucked up. We fuck the planet and its wildlife up like Angel said. We let greedy polaticians and buisinesses fuck us over on a daily basis.
    We fuck each other over aswell (my so called "mates" robbed my dads house, even stole my little sisters stuff and went through her draws looking for money) :/
  6. HarryCave

    HarryCave n00b

    I guess it is we humans who make this "human life" good or bad. If we are good, this human life will be good and this world would become a better place to live in and vice versa.
  7. NzkrlyWhDc

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