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just a rant/vent. pleeding for help

Discussion in 'Heaven' started by nyoscoruption69, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. nyoscoruption69

    nyoscoruption69 New pics of me. PM Me

    Hey, so yeah like its not a forum asking anything or that just ranting and hoping someone hears me. Im 16 and for the past 3 years ive been cutting my wrists. I have tried to kill myself over 10 times by overdossing and cutting extremely deep. Obviously no methods have worked.
    If anyone out there has come back from trying to kill themself please help. Thats all
  2. Go to hell, bro.
  3. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    ...Kids these days just silly...
  4. FoxxyTina

    FoxxyTina A WHITE GIRL

    This is soooooo pathetic....>.>
  5. 0100100001001001

    0100100001001001 Future cam slave???

    you fail.

    Normally id say you fail at life but you have apparently achieved the impossible and manged to fail at death. Better luck next time.
  6. Fudge The Police

    Fudge The Police NOT APART OF THE SYSTEM

  7. DominaLumina

    DominaLumina Crazy Bitch

    Ok, lovely, this is NOT the kind of place to come with that kind of stuff, you won't get sympathy here, at least not in the forums.

    Firstly, ODing and bleeding out are the least successful ways to kill yourself. With cutting, you're very likely not to hit an artery deep enough, or miss and sever a nerve. If you do cut it right, it's very likely someone will find you before you bleed out (it takes 2-4 HOURS depending on how tall you are) or that you will pass out from bloodloss and the wounds will close in that time. With ODing, honestly, most ODs to PROPERLY kill you will take a week, or even YEARS. I'll get back to that in a moment. Like with cutting, someone is very likely to find you. In that case, take you to the hospital. If you think people here lack sympathy, by god, the hospital staff will EAT YOU ALIVE. It doesn't matter if you've just suffered the most goddamn traumatic shit to push you there.


    If they have to pump your stomach, THEY WILL MAKE SURE YOU FEEL PAIN. If they have to sew you up, THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU PAINKILLERS. They're worse than fucking internet trolls, and they feel making you want to die even more, humiliating you and making the experience as painful as possible will "teach you a lesson", even though THEY HAVE BEEN TRAINED AND WILL SPEW OUT CRAP TO YOUR FAMILY THAT THIS IS A SYMPTOM OF DEPRESSION OR WARNING SIGN OF UNDISCLOSED TRAUMA.

    But back with ODing, there are VERY few drug combinations that work like a quick "switch off, fade to black". You will likely wake up the next morning, you'll get headaches, shakes, nausea, or straight out vomiting and diarrhea. You may pass in and out of counsciousness. You may miss entire chunks of your life you will NEVER get back. You may lose hearing, or taste, or smell, or sight for indefinite amounts of time. If you DO die, it will be after DAYS or even WEEKS of suffering through that until your heart or lungs give out and you feel yourself choke to death in agony, or it will be choking on your own vomit during a drug-induced seizure, or better yet, as I mentioned earlier, DECADES down the line from slowly progressing PERMANENT damage you have done to your liver.

    I don't know anyone who's ever been suicidal who's never had AT LEAST fleeting thoughts of it again, myself included. If by some fucking accident of nature you are somehow NOT on antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication after that many attempts. DEMAND THEM. I am not kidding, I would be dead right now without Zoloft, the last time I even had an attempt was when I was taken off it long enough for it to be out of my system.

    Personally, I recommend getting a tumblr (there is a very vast, very supportive network of young peeps dealing with mental illness, SI and EDs on there) and writing to NAMI, or at least signing up for their email alert list.

    Another good reason for tumblr is Depression Comix, which I am personally addicted to because they're so damn true:
    ((Tried to link the pictures, but, apparently, my post count is too low. I'll PM them to you. :) ))
  8. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    xD tumblr

    Take your pathetic Self-loathing behavior to start a fucking Depressive Black Metal band.

    xD LMAFO........Tumblr
  9. DominaLumina

    DominaLumina Crazy Bitch

    1) Tumblr's the shit. I'm sorry I offered constructive advice instead of saying "LOLOLOLOL, u r pathetics, kill urself."?

    2) ...I thought this was supposed to be the anti-troll part of the forum?

    3) Are you going to say anything constructive, or is this just where you go to make fun of underage kids with obvious issues? Either you're making fun of this poor kid for trying to get help for being suicidal, or you're trying to make fun of me for actually giving a shit about another human being. Congratulations on your ignorance and lack of general decency.

    4) Ohmigerd, he laughed at tumblr and being not a soulless douche! The burn, it hurts! :roftl:

    TL;DR :confused: Wtf is wrong with you..?
  10. Riddler

    Riddler ??_??

    You are are messed up wtf

    some one asks for help because they are depressed and u down on em even more what is wrong with you lol you go to hell pusses
  11. FatherPhantom

    FatherPhantom Embodiment of Ambiguity

    i haven't died enough to give you any advice on this. unfortunate.
  12. AyKay69

    AyKay69 ザ・ワールド

    Asking for help on the Internet is like trying to kill yourself by eating too many gummy bears.
    It won't work, nobody will care, and if anything, they'll help you kill yourself.
    In addition, the OP doesn't post here anymore, so if everyone would stop posting, less people would care.
  13. thatonegirl101

    thatonegirl101 hello:)

    You know I am so disappointed in the responses this boy has gotten. He is not pathetic, you are. There is no shame in trying to reach out and ask for help. There is however shame in basically telling him to fuck off and die... It truly saddens me to see so many jerks in the world. Anyway I have been depressed and I read your sisters post about the bulling, the only thing I can tell you is high school is not the end all be all, sure you will still run into a few assholes, but they are far less likely to torment you and be on a mission to make your life horrible. I know it seems hard right now, but in a few years you will never see or hear from these people again. It is because they know they can get to you that they do it. Just keep your head up and your shoulders straight. Best of luck, I really do hope things get better for you :)

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