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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SharynEarn, May 4, 2021 at 12:34 PM.

  1. SharynEarn

    SharynEarn n00b

    A series that may tighten, captivate, entertain, shock and in some cases turn you into cry. I have been previously watching it from the beginning, for quite some time now and I will not express that We are tired. Not everything is smooth, not all episodes are fantastic, not every plot twists are intriquing, notable and logical, from time to time I even wanted to abandon viewing, but, nevertheless, this is certainly probably the greatest game series, confidently maintaining the bar and intensity from season to season.

    All this started so some time past with the reality that your neighborhood Sheriff came out of a coma and discovered himself in the field of the apocalypse, where revived corpses scurry about everywhere. After which all sorts of adventures begin - reuniting with the fam, getting a safe place to live on, some betrayals and clashes with others a lot more bloodthirsty and terrible than the dead.

    Positive points:

    - a huge number of interesting characters, to individual preference really touch base, penetrate, with who you live. Their relationship is intertwined and tangled, like a Santa Barbara that may be fun to follow.

    - entourage: beautiful locations, super-decorations, great makeup. You gaze and believe this is the world following the apocalypse. The series is just not penny, it may please the eye.

    - plot twists. All the seasons Some like was the thinking behind a war between Saviors of Negan and everyone else - several boring episodes with pretentious speeches and poorly staged shootings. But the remainder plot is super, when apparently the authors have nothing to show us, a whole new interesting twist appears, characters and problems.

    - soundtrack. The initial seasons didn't spoil us with interesting melodies, but the previous few contain excellent tracks, correctly selected for your place and time. They cheer up and highlight fragments, engraving in memory.

    - interesting editing techniques. You will discover inserts where not ordinary editing is applied, but juicy cuts, such as a clip, to music. In the interest of such scenes, I must revise the series, they sit in memory greater than the best action.

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