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large lag spikes/slow updates forums?

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by Migz, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Migz

    Migz Guest

    well this is hard to explain but...
    for example it's 4:40 am atm and if I were to go to my own profile it'd still say my last visit to the site is well... yesterday 10 PM :p

    it pretty much has been like this for the past half an hour.

    also I recieve pm's from people who havnt been online since over 24 hours XD so I know they are online atm but yeah... their profile hassnt updated...

    also, I seem to recieving PM's but I seem to get the e-mail notification from it but when I go look, there's nothing there untill a few hours later.
    so I'm basicly replying though the messages I get through email >.>

    not quite the best option :)

    I'm not certain whether other people have the same issue but... would this be due to the massive amounts of pm's that are being sent?
  2. Pretty much the same for me,its really irritating me! >:L
  3. Prothero2

    Prothero2 n00b

    My grand father all the time used to watch YouTube comical video tutorials, hehehehehe, because he wants to be cheerful always.
  4. darknight99

    darknight99 Not Part of the System$$$

    Me to

    Its the same thing that's happening to me to.Its irritating :???:
  5. Ayami5

    Ayami5 Back... I guess :3

    Same! as soon as I go to logout about 30 pm's spam my inbox due to lag!
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