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Lavindor Kingdom Walk-Through (18+)

Discussion in 'Online Games cheats and walkthroughs' started by shunskitten, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. shunskitten

    shunskitten Guest

    Here is the walkthrough for the Sim Date RPG Meet and Fuck game, Lavindor Kingdom. Please understand that I wrote this down while playing the game, so this goes in the order of how I played.

    For Felicia:
    1. You've found him! But who are you, m'lady?
    2. What does he need of me?
    3. I don't serve your king. I'm a free man and always shall be.
    4. ...Not my problem.
    For Laura:
    1. Hi beauty! May I know your name?
    2. My name is Murton. I am the new royal healer.
    3. I have urgent news for the queen. May I pass?
    4. You will have my great appreciation, Laura.
    Where to touch Laura:
    1. Bottom leg.
    2. Thigh.
    3. Ass.
    4. Breasts.
    5. Nipples.
    6. Finger pussy.
    7. Finger asshole.
    You now have the Brooch.
    For Queen:
    1. Apologies, Majesty. I have to talk with you about the king.
    2. I can't bring back your husband's potency. He's simply too old.
    3. I can't heal your husband, but I could satisfy your sexual desires.
    You now have the Honey Hand Cream.
    For Gardeners:
    1. Ah, so beautiful! This garden is the Japanese Style.
    2. You've done a tremdendous job. This place looks simply amazing!
    3. A small gift for you. This honey hand cream will make your hands soft as satin.
    Where to touch the Black-haired Girl:
    1. Leg.
    2. Tummy.
    3. Breast.
    4. Nipple.
    5. Clit.
    6. Pussy.
    Where to touch the Brown-haired Girl:
    1. Arm.
    2. Thigh.
    3. Tummy.
    4. Breasts.
    5. Nipples.
    6. Clit.
    7. Pussy or asshole.
    Where to touch the Purple-haired Girl:
    1. Arm.
    2. Thighs.
    3. Tummy.
    4. Breast.
    You now have the Ginseng Root.
    For Elfish Woman:
    1. You must be a elf...Elfish women are so beautiful!
    2. I'm Murton, may I know your name?
    3. You know, Peronell, you have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.
    4. I have a brooch for you that will emphasize your gorgeous eyes.
    5. Would you go on a date with me?
    You now have the Elfish Breast Milk.
    For Maid:
    1. Hi sweetie, my name is Murton.
    2. I need a place to stay the night.
    3. But there's a problem, I have no money. Can I stay for free?
    4. I'm a handy handyman. So I could pay in a different way.
    5. Best I can do is pleasure such a young beautiful lady.
    You now have the Candles.
    For Women in the bath:
    1. Hi girls. Do you mind if I wash up?
    2. Meanwhile, my name is Murton. And yours?
    3. You look so great, my cock is on fire! How about threesome fun?
    5. Go to map, Princess Room.
    6. Hey men! I'm going to a hot orgy with busty chicks. Wanna join?
    7. Forget about it! There is nobody to steal your princess.
    8. Let's go men! Damn sexy sluts are waiting for us!
    You now have the Essential Aroma Oil.
    For Witch:
    1. You're so young and beautiful! You don't look like a witch at all!
    2. I'm on business here. My name is Murton.
    3. Please, I want you to tell my fortune.
    4. Candles are not a problem! I've got a few right here.
    Where to touch Witch:
    1. Upper arm.
    2. Left thigh.
    3. Right knee.
    4. Breasts.
    5. Inside of left leg.
    6. Click on her breasts to pull down the top part of her dress.
    7. Breasts.
    8. Nipples.
    9. Touch her legs to lift up her dress.
    10. Between her legs.
    You now have the Ravens Feather.
    For Princess:
    1. Good morning, your majesty.
    2. My name is Murton. Your father sent me...I'm the royal sex trainer.
    3. Your virginity will remain intact. I'm to teach how to please your future husband.
    You now have the Virgin's Lock of Hair.
    Go back to the king.
    You have finished the game.

    Hope you found this useful! ;)
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    ViktorMSKBP n00b

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  3. dont really need the guide, the game is easy shiz
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