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Linkin Park new album.

Discussion in 'Music' started by NikkiJen, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. NikkiJen

    NikkiJen Terminator

    Hows people liking the album, Fav song so far on it is Castle of Glass! How bout you guys or girls!
  2. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    Another Linkin Park fan =D!
    So far my favorite from the album is In My Remains (even so, Iridescent will always be my favorite from Linkin Park). The album's been interesting to me, haven't heard all songs, but just a few.
  3. AntiXrumerSon

    AntiXrumerSon n00b

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  4. reallyemma

    reallyemma ¿pɐǝɥ ɹn ɥʇıʍ uıop nɥɔʇɐʍ

    Personally I think Linkin Park have gone waaaay downhill, their old stuff was better.

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