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Madden 21: How to Kick Field Goals Or Extra Points

Discussion in 'Game Ideas' started by videogame, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. videogame

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    The Madden 21 kicking remains mostly unchanged as compared to last year’s game. However, not everyone has played Madden 20, so a refresher is always helpful.

    When it comes to the Madden 21 kicking control, it’s not just the simple press of one button to send the ball through the uprights. Instead, it takes good aim, precision, power, and timing to get the extra point or three points for a field goal. A few buttons are used but at the right times and another part of your controller. There are other considerations too. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to kick field goals or extra points.

    Here’s how to kick a field goal or extra point:

    Use the Left Stick to aim your kick towards the right or left based on the kick trajectory on the screen. You can also push the Left Stick down for long-distance kicks.
    Press X on PS or A button on the Xbox controller to begin the kick.
    Pay attention to the curved kick meter. A line will move towards the top of the curve and back down.
    Press X (PS) or A (Xbox) when the line is near the line near the top.
    Wait until the line is down near the X spot on the meter and press the X button again to perform the kick.

    At times, the wind conditions affect the aim of your meter towards the uprights. Keep that in mind and adjust the left analog stick appropriately to make sure the ball goes through. Also, you may need to adjust the stick by pressing up to make sure you get a kick from farther out.

    Practice will be what it takes to succeed. You can go into the Skills Practice Mode for Special Teams and specifically practice field goals. However, having this skill down in the game is a major part of making sure you get three points and those crucial extra points after touchdowns.

    As you may have guessed, a lot of this applies to kicking the ball in kickoffs or punt situations. Those may involve more strategy on your part for ideal ball placement on the field. Need more game help? Check out our guide for more help on the offense and defense! In addition, you can buy mut 21 coins here. It's cheap, safe and fast. With these coins, you will create a perfect side.

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