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Mafia RP

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by tyrants542, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. tyrants542

    tyrants542 n00b

    Hey guys this is a thread from an rp lover to rp lovers. The setting is New York 1937 in the heart of Mafia activity. There are three main families the Strizzones, oldest family in New York from Scicily, Bataliah second oldest family from italy mainland, and Carzinis, youngest family from Scicily. The NYPD has good cops and bad cops including a very good detective force. The civilians including store owners and doctors are at wits end dealing with the mob and are beginning to show where their loyalties truly lie. This is where the story begins and you guys can take it any direction you want.

    Ok when making your characters remember that there can only be 3 Dons 1 for each family so its first come first served. You can't make your characters OP or unrealistic. We have to have some civillians in the game like doctors or store owners to make it interesting. This is how to set up your character for joining:

    Race: (probably italian if Mob)
    Occupation:Mafia, Cop, doctor,etc
    Status: (emotional and physical)

    Once again do not be unrealistic. When interacting with other characters be cordial and sometimes you can say i will let this character die when the odds are that you realisticly would just make another and have our respect. Most importantly have fun. This is my character:

    Name:Justice Strizzone
    Race: italian
    Occupation:Mafia Enforcer
    Background:Came off the boat from Scicily 3 years ago. He came for the mob heard America was good from his brother Luca. Luca has since been killed in a hit.... performed by Justice. His loyalty is to his father the Don. (this means the Don whoever you are is my father) justice regrets killing his brother however, a very accomplished boxer and firearms user.
    Personality:Kind (as much as a mobster can be) funny, and willing to sacrifice for his loved ones
    Inventory: black dress shirt, white dress pants, white double breasted suit coat, black dress shoes, white fedora with black band and an ace of spades sticking out. Engraved siver .38 special, butterfly knife, '36 ford car keys, flask of whiskey.
    Status: in a mild tempered mood, no physical ailments

    I was just rollin up to our laundry store to collect extortion money. It was a pretty nice day. All of a sudden i noticed one of our boys gettin jumped in an alley. I swung my car around and blocked of the alley. I stepped out and the two Battaliahs as i recognized them dropped my boy. "take a shot" i said and oe of em did i parried and broke his arm. I pulled out my butterfly knife and cut his other arm. then i took a step forward while twirling my knife. That was enough they both ran i turned to our boy and asked "whats your name again"
  2. Simsy

    Simsy Guest


    I am above the law
  3. Simsy

    Simsy Guest


    I am don corleone, the head of the mafia...

    Clothes... Smart suit with a waistcoat

    Age... 55

    Weapon... AK47, Magnum

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