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make website ( how)?

Discussion in 'Programming Room' started by christian smith, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. brenden96

    brenden96 Gaming Maniac

    Honestly, I think sites like freewebs etc are a waste of time. Google sites is the same crap. You don't actually do anything hard, all you end up doing is dragging stuff along, nobody codes it or stuff like that.

    Why not make your own HTML codes etc? It's way more fun to see a site online you actually put work into. There's many sites with tutorials for web-languages. Sites that completely teach you HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and all that from scratch, allowing you to make and code your very own websites lmao.

    Please don't waste time on freewebs. Sure they're free, but the actual worth of it is in my opinion borderline 0.

    Unless you'd actually wanna work, go ahead and use freewebs or whatever.

    And no, you choose what your homepage is. A site cannot make itself your homepage, that is in your browser settings for the guy above me somewhere.

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