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Metallica's New Album: Death Magnetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Kyoujin, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    Metallica yesterday released there newest album, and this album has a lot more guitar solos in their songs. What is your opinion on this new album?

    I think its OOOOOK, but they really freaking killed the Unforgiven series with that new song, Unforgiven III. I personally like The Day That Never Comes because its really catchy.
  2. Charismatic_Caterpie

    Charismatic_Caterpie Professional Gamer

    Old news.


    It's certainly not the worst one. People still say Metallica died when they made the Black album. Which is true, because they never played anything but (mostly) speed metal with great solos before, and then they come out of the blue with some slow-ass songs that were built for general radio. Except for Through The Never. That's still slow comparatively, but I like it. Anyway, it's not like they're making too much of a comeback, but it's better than nothing.

    Oh, and I would also like to add that they're trying too hard to be edgy and modern, competing with the new wave of metal bands that come out from the rug every other month. Hetfield and Hammett are playing with sounds they've never used before, and it really doesn't suit them at all. It's like a conglomeration of a million different influenced sounds coming together in a ear-concussive wave. Ulrich's drumming has also deteriorated to mediocrity. Not much more to say on him.

    To think they influenced so many artists after them, and now they've stooped down so low.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2008
  3. theguitarking

    theguitarking n00b

    i realy like the old metalica the new stuff is just horrable
  4. NinjaMonkey

    NinjaMonkey Master Exploder

    I honestly much prefer Metallica's older material, but I do own and like (to some extent) St. Anger, which is their largest departure (that I know of) from their olden days. I'll buy Death Magnetic one of these days...
  5. EmoGuitarist08

    EmoGuitarist08 Upincoming Legend

    I have to agree with most everyone here, after the black album, they did go down hill. ST. Anger was SHITTY and not to hyped for "Death Magnetic"
  6. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    Wow, to our surprise, this album that most of us think it still sucks, somehow became the #1 sold album across the world! :confused: People these days don't have any sense at all.
    I would just I don't know, download it only for the song "The Day that Never Comes".
    I'm not saying I dont like it, all I'm saying is that its still not their best material.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2008
  7. Sworddude198

    Sworddude198 Black Mage

    Look just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean others can't.

    I quite like it myself. And if anyone downloads it (illegally), I shall hunt you down and slap you with a piece of wood.

    I think the boys are pretty much set for money. They only released this album to keep from dying out in the face of the crappier bands of today, and in turn, ended up making their music of a lower quality.

    But true to your words, one or a few opinions does not define those of the entire fandom, and vice-versa.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2008
  8. frankenfish

    frankenfish Computer Guru

    i thought it was a very good album. i still liked kill em all the best. and people don't like the black album? i had nothing wrong with it.
    i torrented it. just because they whined so much about music piracy.
  9. The Alaskan Firedragon

    The Alaskan Firedragon Stupid Boy Whore

    I think its great, All nightmare long is one of best songs in years
  10. loladin

    loladin Whaddawhore

    Lol....the only reason it was a brief #1 seller was because it was Metallica. Don't exaggerate and call America the world. You ignorant patriotic boy, there is more than one country you know. Death Magnetic was hardly a #1 Seller across the world.

    New album sucked. I torrented it like frankenfish because they whined about stealing the record companies money. Glad I did though, not my type of album at all. Now back to trying to rip all of my Metallica albums with fruitless results...woo...

    You sure are the optimistic one!
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2008
  11. Kyoujin

    Kyoujin Growls engraved over time

    If i said only America, then I would have said America, but I didn't, I said the world.
    And I meant it, Finland and all the other countries got it the moment it get released.

    And the new album wasn't all that bad, you know, heck, at least they are going back to thier old style.
  12. I was really disapointed because I heard it was going to be like Ride The Lightning. Although I suppose it is better than when James Hettfield was all messed up.
  13. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    The older stuff was better , I wish they would just stick to the old stuff. -.-"
  14. numbnuts

    numbnuts n00b

    i agree, their old school stuff was much better. Death Magnetic and St Anger were horrible. now Kill em All and And Justice are 2 of the best

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