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Misery (Story :))

Discussion in 'Arts' started by Bittersweet, May 20, 2010.

  1. Bittersweet

    Bittersweet VOOOOOOOOII!

    A Small Summery (Just so you won't read the whole thing and start complaining to me saying "OMG THIS SUCKS BALLS, YOU JUST MADE ME WASTE LIKE 30 MINUTES OF MY LIFE, YOU SUCK!" I want to prevent that <.< and if you think it sucks, give me tips. I'll edit it to your liking (If I like it also)

    Summery : 16-year-old Riss Weathers (Just so you know it's a girl :-() was an outcast, she didn't get why everyone thought she was weird, it was one of those things where you know someone is something, but you can't put your tongue on exactly why. Her life was like a tape, put in a repeated play back. One day she met a guy out of no where, he told her weird things like,
    "They're Coming For You" and "You should run." Riss didn't understand these messages until she saw her darkest side . . . TBC? :eek: *Enter Dramatic Plot Twist Here*

    So yeah I'm gonna get on with the story at this point, I know I've heard more interesting things than this but it's a good shot at a first writing I guess.

    P.S : I'm gonna try to type a good amount per day / week so you guys that actually like this can get your daily goodies. :)

    ~Chapter One~Part One~

    I walked on the dark dirt road, my footsteps crunching pebbles as I took long steps. A butterfly flew past and the sounds of my (Very Stupid) fellow classmates grew louder, I had arrived at my school, Grevillion High School.
    I tripped over a boulder (How in the world could I've missed that?) and landed head first into a pile of mud, my day was going just great. A chorus of giggles rose from behind me, Oh great, Cheerleaders. I got up and brushed myself off, attempting to keep from being spotted by their "queen."
    I had achieved leaving a certain someone's range of sight and made my way to the 1st period.
    Several classes had passed and I made my way to a giant tree that had served as my regulated dining spot, while walking I had tripped. Steering my head in the direction of the object that had tripped me, I noticed it was a boy. A small card stuck out of his pocket, which I had instinctively reached for,
    "Logan," I read aloud, the last name had been scratched out, by a pen I had guessed, "Hey-" I hesitated, Logan was sleeping but his lips were moving, I leaned in closer to make out the small murmurs. "293. . . " Were the first few I heard then words were spoken, "The Clusters are getting bigger, the shadows have advanced to great speculations, the world is in a massive state of-" The sentence broke short and Logan woke up startled by my presence, his eyes were bright red, too shocked to speak I pointed at his eyes. He put on finger on his eye, then moved it, the red patch had moved. Contacts, I sighed.
    He held out his hand, "I'm Logan." I rolled my eyes, "I think I can read," I held out the ID card that had been in my hand this whole time. He swiftly grabbed it back and tucked it into his pocket. "Well then I should go eat," I got up and started to the table. "What time is it?" Logan looked as if he had been sleeping since morning. "It's Lunch, is that good enough?" A slight grin was produced on Logan's face, He grabbed my hand, "So you're the cause." His grasp on me got tighter, "I'll give you one warning, "They" are coming, So I'd advise you to run." I pulled my hand away, "Who's coming?" I asked uneasy.
    He picked up a backpack from behind the bushes, "I said I'd give you one warning and that was it. I might help the little princess if she'd help me, but that'll be quite a while from now." The grin from before turned into a full out smile. I laughed at myself for believing the weird boy's advice and got on with eating.
    School was out and I walked to the small neighborhood park to wait for my ride. I sat on a swing, reminiscing about when I was little, sitting on this little swing and playing alone, every single day. A sudden voice cut in, "Aren't you fed up? Don't you want . . . Hm, What's the word? Oh yes that one, Don't you want Revenge? I'll give you everything you need for a small price, it's just your-"
    "Riss! I'm here, come on! Don't tell me she left."
    I awoke from my slight dream and shouted a response, "Sorry Lily, I'm here alright." A pouting Lily stormed up to me, "God, why do you always make me walk this far to meet you?" I smiled slightly, "No reason, you need some exercise anyway."
    "Whatever! Let's just go to my house, yours creeps me out."
    "What? You don't like Victoria Houses?"
    Lily sighed, "We've been through this a thousand times, I hate your house!" After a few minutes of this small talk, I got bored and packed up to go to Lily's house. Lily's house was painted a light shade of yellow on the outside, don't even get me started on the inside, her parent's were a fan of light colors that almost blinded you. I always wore a pair of sunglasses when I went to their house, I was, as Lily would say it, more accustomed to the dark of my cozy Victorian house.
    We started up to Lily's room which was (Thank God) not painted a eye piercing color, as I laid on Lily's bed I looked at myself in the mirror, a pink haired (Yes I did dye it) blue eyed 16-year-old wearing torn jeans with a purple and black striped shirt, Fancy aren't I. As I stared at myself, I suddenly felt cold, a tight grip rested on my shoulders as if meaning no harm but didn't want me to run away this time.
    The sudden force pulling me back hurt my neck and once I fell I was face to face with a look alike, except with black hair and a all black attire, oh great, A goth me. What's next? This girl had tons of piercings and had a small skull and crossbones on her shirt, but other then that mostly everything was the same, hairstyles, torn jeans (except hers was black)
    I stared in awe then laughed, "Wow! Lily, you're getting better at this make-up thing everyday!" The suppose to be Lily did not laugh back. "I'm here to tell you something, Riss." As my look alike said my name, it sent shivers down my spine, something wasn't right. My look alike touched my neck then dug her nails in, blood gushed out and I cried in pain.
    A sudden light came on, and the look alike disappeared, I was then face to face with the real Lily, laying on the bed, blood dripping down my face. I was scared, but had too much pride to admit it.

    TBC . . .

    (Means To Be Continued . . . )
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    As soon as I can, you're so getting rep for that. [:
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