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Mother Board

Discussion in 'Computer Help Room' started by MidnaAllnatural, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. My friends have been wanting me to get a new one, i need one with 6-12 RAM card slots, other then that make it as cheap and decent as you can, suggest some to me and include a link to where you found it.
  2. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    Well you could at least give some details as in what socket does the CPU have, what type of RAMs and such, or better yet write the mother board name/model that you currently own/have. Would be easier for me and I won't make mistakes nor give you a huge amount of them and you being able to use just one or two of those.
  3. I dont know what kind, all i know is i have 512mb RAM and a compaq desktop with windows 7.
  4. Audioreject

    Audioreject n00b

    We're going to need some more info about your computers current specifications. Otherwise there is absolutely no way for us to know what to recommend.
    Like Sicu wrote, the best way is to post the name of your current mboard make and model. And if you dont know what it is there's a couple of ways to find out.

    First: Some computers display the motherboard make and model on the very first image that shows when you power up the computer.

    Second: Most motherboard manufacturers print this info on the motherboard itself. Assuming you know where the motherboard is placed, open the computer cover and look for someting like "GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2PV" or "ASrock 775VM800".

    Third: Download and install a program that displays info on the all the components in your computer (including motherboard). I've used one called "System InfoViewer" a couple of times and it worked great. Google it if none of the above methods work.

    There's probably a bunch of other ways to find out but I think one of these would be the easiest way.

  5. onenewstw

    onenewstw n00b

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