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Movie/game piracy

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by krystalgirl69, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. krystalgirl69

    krystalgirl69 kik: Flashfire_

    Disclaimer:i do not condone or endorse piracy, these are my views

    Alright, so a big discussion in media and now in our governments is the whole 'piracy' scare.
    Piracy to me is stupid in the aspect that the media industry makes such a big deal of it.

    Example: Lets say you pirate 100 songs that are avaible on a purchasable media for $0.99. So in aspect if you WERE to be caught you should only have to pay for $100 in damages. (rounding up to the nearest dollar excluding tax here)

    The example above is sound the regular person who knows no regulation. HOWEVER for some reason the MPAA and RIA (motion pictures association of america and record industry of america) decide its okay to charge Jane or John doe with over $100,000 in charges (this is on a medium scale some courts throw them out the window while others charge years in jail time and up to millions of dollars worth of damages)

    So... do you think its a fair assumption that the industry states that you are hurting a(n) already failed and over priced business model?

    For me piracy is simple i will pirate anything i am uncertain about. IE. Movies games music etc. Then if i like it ill purchase it. They still get their money and their consumer gets the product offered.

    Unless its pretty much anything PC made by ea. The DRM model used to combat piracy hurts the real consumer more than it does pirates. Because if i want to play assassins creed on my PC i ha e to have an active internet connection. This is true of many SINGLE PLAYER ONLY games on PC. There is even 'discussion' (i use this term loosely) of new consoles and media playing devices requiring DRM and an active internet connection. Such as gaming consoles MP3/4 players and DVD/blue-ray players..

    Again only hurting the consumer. As someone who know the ins and out you can just run a virtual server on your PC and trick the DRM to sense your "on the internet ". But the average consumer is only getting hurt by something that stops nothing.

    Again i am not condoning or endorsing piracy i just want to know what you think about it.
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  2. Zation

    Zation n00b

    Amiga is dead

    My attitude about piracy is influenced by an anti-piracy notice on an old Amiga 500 game. It warned that an entire provider can go belly up because of people taking their products without giving any compensation for the product. Of course, the warning is so potent because Amiga went belly up because of piracy.
    As far as giving harsh punishments for piracy... It probably has a deterring effect in us regular people.
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  3. sluttybi

    sluttybi Back for a bit

    I have no problem with downloading music/films etc. last year the music and film industry posted record profits, and this is with supposedly everybody pirating stuff. If i like a band i will happily go and pay for their albums because i am happy for my money to go to that band, however it doesn't my money goes to the store that i bought it, then to the producers of the album before a small proportion of my money reaches the intended recipient. if companies didnt charge extortionate prices for products (movie tickets at cinema's for example) then more people would be able to afford it and so wouldn't download it.
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  4. My friends brother got into trouble after dowloading music illegally, and Sony has said that used games wont be able to be played on the playstation 4 because of piracy fears. As for movies, my dad pirated a few and i watched them but that was only cause he couldent afford legally made ones.
  5. RuneKnight94

    RuneKnight94 Misses his 3DS ~w~

    I agree with you in this, the industries are making the price of all thes e kind of way too high, don't look it only for the side of movies and music, also games and software are expensive, so the way most people in business think (from what I see in those prices) is that they just want to recover the money as fast as possible not caring of how many people get to use/see/enjoy the product. In a fashion, mainly because they want to make it worth for all the people that worked behind the project. However, I personally think that you can't ask right away for the money you inverted to get through the project, I think that with a reasonable price, they would get the money they used for the project back, and still in great quantities.

    In my personal opinion, the stuff of piracy, copyrights, and all that, is good, but not when the companies are charging an already high price for people to acquire this. I personally see it from the point of view of software, I get to still enjoy some programs from uni thanks to the student version, but when it is gone, I'll have to pay over $500 surely for ONE license on the software I need. It is only my opinion, but as long as the prices stay high, piracy will always exist to counter that.
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