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Mw2 nuke tips

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by LeeHee.1, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. LeeHee.1

    LeeHee.1 Top Pimp

    Well For Starters i examine the people im playing first so in the first game i will jst use predator missiles and that to see if alot of them dont have cold blooded if they dont have it ,thats great................sooo Killstreaks Predator missile

    I no this may sound unlikely but i got 2 Nukes Using this ..My First one was in Quarry my predator got me 2 kills =7 kills ... then my pavelow got me 14 more kills but whilst that was in the air i managed to kill 4 more people =25 kill streak=Tactical Nuke

    Second Rust :roftl:

    Hid in the centre whilst picking off 7 people =AirStrike +Hovering =7 plus 5 kills with hovering=12 kill streak then i had my chopper gunner got the remaining 13 easy because the map is sooo small and BOOM! Game Over :L

    Killstreak for that game:Hovering Harrier AirStrike
    Chopper Gunner
    Tactical Nuke!!
  2. warren93

    warren93 Manbearpig awareness

    yeh for me the ultimate tactical nuke killstreaks is to use harriers, chopper gunner then nuke. Honestly this got me over 20 in my mw2 career until i stopped playing. i think these killstreaks are also very effective on most maps except if they are vey built up with lots of buildings.
  3. LeeHee.1

    LeeHee.1 Top Pimp

    aw screw it just nuke boost :D

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