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My computer slow

Discussion in 'Computer Help Room' started by snow knight, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Faze

    Faze Guest

    You should either restart your computer or clear your cache. Try deleting some unwanted files for your Computer that way it restores computer speeds and plus makes it much faster to open a webpage.
  2. ShaneWarne

    ShaneWarne n00b

    Well you can try out some good system cleaner like CCleaner (I myself use it and recommend it) and a good defrag software. I've Smart Defrag installed in my system and it is quite good.

    And secondly, keep some good anti virus software in your PC as well and update it on regular basis. Because if your PC is infected with some malware(s), it can also slow down your PC.
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  3. Robotower

    Robotower robotower.com

    Defragmetn your hard disk, all partition.
    Uninstal unused programs from your PC.
    Clean your computer from unused thing, with programs like CCleaner. This program sholud delete all temporary files which your browser make when you are online and so on.
    Use Spaybot Search and Destroy to clean PC from spayware, adware, and in this program you can make changes to startup programs section on your PC.
    This part of programs prevent to load unwanted programs at windows startup, and then your PC use less RAM memory.
    Keep your PC clean with antivirus software.
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  4. AngelOfLight

    AngelOfLight Vegeta's slut Goku's girl

    Disk defragment , yes you have it on your pc/laptop. It takes forever to finish but it works. :)
  5. FredBakewell

    FredBakewell n00b

    You could try out some system cleaning tools to make your computer work better. Like:

    -CCleaner (registry and junk file cleaner)
    -Smart Defrag (for de-fragmentation)

    Run an anti virus scan to check your PC is clean of viruses/malwares.

    Hope these softwares can make your PC work better.
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  6. Sicu

    Sicu Here on Random Times

    I so like it that almost everyone in here told him how to upgrade his system while he asked 'why is his computer running slow' and pointed out that it's working at a third of it's normal capacity.

    Either way, my guess is that he has some spyware. You can remove those either by installing Spyware SnD (Search & Destroy) or malwarebytes. Both of them are free and very good in cleaning your computer of spyware, trojan and unwanted shits, except viruses. But if you have a virus I would recommend you to use NOD32, yet you need to pay for it if you want it to do a good job.
  7. DeonRose3

    DeonRose3 n00b

    There are a lot of thing that can cause you system to slow down.
    I'll suggest you to run a complete virus scan.
    Clear History and temporary files on computer.
    Check if there are some extra start up programs (that runs automatically when system boots up).
    Remove extra softwares.
    You can set your system on best perfomance mode by Going on my computer properties> advance menue.
  8. RobNicol

    RobNicol n00b

    There could be many causes of why computer starts working slow. You need to check it. Could be your computer need de fragmentation. Or could be your anti virus is making your machine slow.

    Use some system cleaners like CCleaner, it will help make your computer better.

    And for defragmentation I recommend using SmartDefrag.

    Run a full computer scan as well to see if some virus/malware is causing the issue.

    Hope it helps.


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