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Need to create a customized map

Discussion in 'Messing around and talking' started by JoWee, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. JoWee

    JoWee n00b

    What would be the easiest way to do that? Are there any apps with such functionality? Or I should better just use google maps and some image editing software piece? I need it for a presentation and it's on Monday so I really need some help!
  2. Lolo4ka

    Lolo4ka n00b

    I know that there are many platforms on the internet for you to create a customized map. You can use google maps, but I'd use something else.
  3. MarkUltra

    MarkUltra n00b

    You can find very good mapping tools on different pages, some better than others but where I made my Show maps, it is one of the easiest tools to use, I recommend it because you do not need any programming knowledge and it is super intuitive, I don't know what kind of maps you want to make for your presentation.

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