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New Game Designer =P

Discussion in 'Flash & ActionScript' started by chrisrune314, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. chrisrune314

    chrisrune314 www.Games2Need.net

    Hey guys... I'm new to the game designing... I was wondering if some peeps could help me out a little. I prefer emailing (chrisrune314@yahoo.com), but this is fine too =P. I have recently started learning actionscript, but I dont know whether I should learn 2.0 or 3.0. I own Flash CS3. Thanks for any comments!

    Anybody? No? Nobody has even read it?
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  2. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr

    Yeah, people are reading this: we had some ok? programmers, who kinda knew what they were talking about, and the mods booted them. If you are really desperate, hop onto the IRC (via the Messing Around and Talking thread) and try to catch Trel or Nollog.

    Yup. It's the mods' fault when a member you like gets booted.

    And don't forget to blame us when there's too many spam threads.

    But you can't leave out when we're not banning enough people.

    Nor when we're going "nazi" by locking so many threads.

    Can't have your cake and eat it, too.
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  3. chrisrune314

    chrisrune314 www.Games2Need.net

    Ok, I'll have to look at that. Thanks.
  4. mrmystic

    mrmystic MoreAkwardthanaJewateastr

    Sorry I2, I didn't mean to ruffle your tailfeathers. I was just trying to help the poor kid.

    My tail feathers remain intact, no worries. We both know your phrasing was to target "the mods".. You're quite intelligent enough to make the same statement neutrally. No offense taken, though. After all, it was just mrmystic being mrmystic. ;)

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  5. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Good job...


    Kids, don't follow this boy. He break one of forum rules. :p
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  6. chrisrune314

    chrisrune314 www.Games2Need.net

    Ok... IRC? I saw a post about it somewhere on there... But not to much to help me out. I am currently looking for good tutorials for game making... But I have only learned a little... Any suggestions for good tutorials that will help me learn, not just copy and paste?
  7. 2bad4u

    2bad4u Unholypenny


    i think you could make a sweet game with that program^^ me Ciamaru and a cuple of my co-workers at Bungie got bord and are working on a game in our spare time. so expect to see it soon,if not... they'll just blame it all on me agen. Wish you luck!
  8. chrisrune314

    chrisrune314 www.Games2Need.net

    I guess this thread is an Epic Phailure...
  9. Monkey Of War

    Monkey Of War OoOoOo

    What He Said ^^
  10. Dezonus

    Dezonus n00b

    chrisrune314, I take a Multimedia subject at school, they get us to work with Actionscript 2.0, and it's alot easier. Actionscript 3.0 is newer and less known about, and the actionscript codes that most people use wont work on actionscript 3.0.

    So, yeah, use actionscript 2.0
  11. Tanmaysnv

    Tanmaysnv n00b

    I think you use Essential ActionScript 3.0 book.These book provide sample scripts, defining how ActionScript and Flash work. It gives you a clear look into essential topics such as logic, event handling, displaying content, migrating legacy projects to ActionScript 3.0, classes, and much more.
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  12. Baomalara

    Baomalara n00b

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  15. iqdepfgind

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