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new jokes idea

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by aqwsjhk6358, May 11, 2012.

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  1. aqwsjhk6358

    aqwsjhk6358 n00b

    a new list of jokes for ginue wishes i think there funny all the jokes about the missapes of people's wishis going horibley worng
  2. abatedakes

    abatedakes n00b

    Three kids were walking down a dirt path in the forest. One of
    the kids sees Bill Clinton drowing. The three boys save Bill
    Clinton. Bill Clinton is so pleased that they saved his life he
    decided to give each one of them a request. The first boy said,
    "Chicks, lots of hot chicks." The second boy said, "Candy, lots
    of candy." And the third boy said, "A coffin next to Grants
    tomb." Bill Clinton asked why he wanted a coffin next to Grant's
    tomb, and the boy said, "When my dad finds out that I saved your
    life he is going to kill me."
  3. algernonbuck

    algernonbuck n00b

    Bush was in Afghanistan on a visit, talking to Osama Bin Laden.
    Osama would ask Bush questions, and when Bush gave a response
    Bin Laden didn't like, he pressed a button, and a giant boxing
    glove would hit Bush in the face.
    When Osama came to America, he and Bush were talking. When Osama
    said something Bush didn't like, he pressed a button, and
    nothing happened. Osama kept answering questions, and Bush kept
    pressing the button, but nothing happened.
    When the day was over Osama said "When we get to Afghanistan,
    i'll show you how we really do things."
    Then Bush responds with a smile on his face "What Afghanistan?"
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