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New poems I wrote

Discussion in 'Arts' started by MegaMan, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    I think they're pretty good, let me know what yall think.

    No remorse

    Ignore the pain
    its not even real
    the drugs you take
    the wounds that you feel

    you are no different
    there is no reason
    right now this is
    not the hurt season

    so put down your tool
    and pick yourself up
    or are you a fool
    worth nothing, used up

    everyone must fight
    their demons someday
    your destructions not right
    someday you'll pay

    the scars that are marked
    are laughibal errors
    you trapped yourself
    in unescapable snares

    so as they point
    and snicker at you
    you know its your fualt
    your the reason your screwed

    and now you see
    why you have failed
    success is gone
    that ship has set sail

    its as i just said
    the pain is not real
    the pleasure you take
    but you try to conceal

    take off your damn mask
    and open your eyes
    finaly figure out
    that there is an outside

    none of it is true
    your not so blind
    happyness was right there
    the whole damn time

    so now you know
    why i show you no pitty
    its because you were stupid
    you could have been happy

    instead you threw away
    all your hopes and dreams
    you replaced them all
    with black bruises and screams


    Anger and frustration
    locked in my cage
    it wont be much longer
    untill i unleash my rage

    upon what or whom
    i do not care
    punishable by death
    it begins with a glare

    the weights are my enemy
    my only vent
    they no longer appease me
    soon I'll regret

    if this goes on
    there will be an implosion
    ill be more devistating
    than any explosion

    I'm not confused
    only negative
    help i refuse
    I have an initiative

    the skellotons Ive hidden
    are yet undiscovered
    the secrets I wield
    never to be uncovered

    The sadist inside me
    it screams to cause ache
    this insatiable anger
    I'll make your world quake

    If you let me out
    I swear to you death
    I'll hurt you and others
    your skies wil burn red

    I hope you can fight
    because if you cant run
    I'll hunt you down
    and kill you for fun

    one thrust than two
    a dull blade runs through
    three thrusts than four
    one point to my score

    there is static in my mind
    where my demon resides
    it tried to overcome me
    it's mutilation is mine

    I am no puppet
    I am pure fire
    I'll burn you at glance
    Consume your desire

    Try to predict
    what happens next
    before I cut off
    your very next breath

    This rage
    I'm not the same
    What I've become
    Something insane

    I promise you anguish
    My anger, your pain
    one hundred years from now
    They'll remember my name

    Altha Lifters

    We are of Altha
    Top lifters with praise
    Our bodies the tools
    The sharpest of blades

    We charge through the reps
    One, five, then ten
    With just a moments rest
    We'll go at it again

    The bar it goes down
    There is a clinking of chains
    The bar it goes up
    A new max is obtained

    Our competition you shake
    We walk as you crawl
    Your lifts, we dominate
    We stand where you fall

    We're Altha the beast
    Heavyweight to 119
    This is our creed
    We are one as a team

    I've written several more but Idk if i wanna post them.. lol

    Sorry to double post, but I decided to post another poem I wrote. If you want go ahead and merge the two posts together though.


    Regardless of my trust
    You went behind my back
    You made up all these lies
    And you talked all this crap

    I hope you understand
    That if I get my way
    You'll eat all your words
    I'll violently make you pay

    Everything you've done
    In contrast with what you've said
    Your words, they are all lies
    Your actions true instead

    And now you hear me speak
    I say that you lie
    And for the words that you said
    I truely pray you die

    I consider you a traitor
    To all good morality
    The horrible things you did
    You have no integrity

    You once stood by my side
    I took you as a friend
    But you stabbed me in the back
    Consider that our end

    I wish to cause you grief
    So you wanted to start a war
    You've already lost
    You've slumped below the floor

    I swear I'll see you crawl
    It is now my obligation
    To watch you whither and burn
    Consumed in your own damnation.
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  2. Deadly shot

    Deadly shot The Offensive Type!

    Full on Epic.

    Good creativity, man.
  3. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    This one is a little twisted, but again merge it if you think neccesary.


    There you lay
    Sprawled out on the floor
    I regret pulling the trigger
    Now more and more

    But here we are
    Your life now drained
    The pool on my floor
    Dark red blood stains

    What should I do?
    I have not many choices
    Turn the gun on myself?
    Give in to the voices?

    The shattered glass
    Looking up at me
    It sees a monster
    Why do I breath?

    Echoing screams
    Run through my head
    Four small children
    Are now all dead

    The love of my life
    Expresionless now
    Quieter yet
    A hole in her brow

    A voice is heard
    From the outside
    Put your hands up
    Give in, do whats right

    My tears and my cries
    Fill the room
    I see the officer
    A click than a boom

    More blood now
    Rests on my hands
    What have I done?
    Is this who I am?

    I lose control
    A smirk then arises
    The gun to my mouth
    To end my disguises

    The trigger hits mark
    There is not a shot
    Instead a blank pop
    A bullet, there is not

    Again and again
    There is no round
    I long to hear
    The bang bang sound

    The swat team enters
    My blood bathe scene
    They raise up their arms
    And load their magazines

    They fire on me
    I finaly let go
    I'll soon fly
    Upon the wings of a crow
  4. Transparent_Shadow

    Transparent_Shadow Accept yourself. You don't have to prove shit. Staff Member Administratior Moderator

    Great poems! Nice work :)
  5. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest


    Warning: This one contains some pretty bad language so dont read on if you arent mature enough to read without freaking out.

    I want you to listen now...
    To what I'm about to say
    I swear to fucking god!
    Someday I'll MAKE you pay!

    The hurt you put on me
    The scars you made her bear...
    I'll reap you of your life!
    Leave your fucking corpse bear!

    You dont know who I am...
    But I know who you are
    You hurt the one I love
    Left her emotionally scarred

    Your mother should have known
    To kill you in your crib
    Because the day that I find you
    I'll make you Satan's bitch!

    The rage you put in me...
    It makes me a sleeper cell
    When I get my hands on you
    I'll send you straight to hell!

    If I find where you live
    I'll leave your house to fire
    Lay to rest your whole family
    My rage it just got higher

    I will clench your heart
    In my bloodied fists
    Look you in your eyes
    Cover your throat with slits

    Atleast if you had died
    With only father's sin
    Your soul would not be confined
    Instead head first to hell, you dove in

    What the fuck was on god's mind?
    When he bestowed your soul
    You comitted such a crime
    Your heart is black as coal

    I know why I was born
    It was to make you suffer
    I can never forgive you...
    The way you hurt my lover

    So listen to me good
    And hear my words well
    On the day that I find you
    I'll make you BEG for hell!

    The day may not be soon
    But I promise it will come
    You will stink of fear
    Just try to fucking run!

    I will hunt you down
    Find you one day
    It will be my lifes work
    Thats all I have to say
  6. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Merge this one with the last one if neccesary, again.


    Some days are filled
    With anger and hate
    I'm so pissed off
    In my rage I sufficate

    It blinds me and binds me
    I do things I regret
    Sometimes I wish i wasnt here
    So everyone would forget

    I confuse those around me
    They try to understand
    Something they do not know
    I am a forsaken man

    I want to let it go
    Relieve myself of chains
    But nothing can help me now
    It's to late for me to change

    For to long I have gone
    Holding back all my words
    It toos its toll on me
    Causeing this pain and hurt

    Very soon now
    I will run out of luck
    A question I ask myself
    Do I even give a fuck?

    My fuse is shortest now
    Anything could set me off
    I'll blow up at a whim
    Something as simple as a caugh

    Rage is my undoing
    It's destroying my soul
    I've gone from bieng angelic
    To bieng as black as coal

    I wasnt this way once
    I used to be young with joy
    To say I was once happy
    Through my fingers it slipped away

    I want to say I'm sorry
    For writing all these words
    They sum up to nothing
    They should'nt even be heard

    Through silence, we are all deaf. If we are all deaf, our voices are not heard. If we do not speak, no one can make a difference. If nothing changes, we are doomed to repetition. Use your voice.
  7. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye Guest

    You are the greatest poet that ever lived. xD But Its spelled Being. Not Bieng, :p
  8. Awesomex2

    Awesomex2 Banned

    He's good, but not that good.

    I just loved the first one.
  9. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Two more poems I wrote today, comments? Thanks


    The world it falls
    Into a pit
    People dont scream
    They cant see it

    Eyes are shut
    Mouths are open
    No one can hear
    The endless exposion

    Ignorance is bliss
    Yeah right, bull shit
    Nothing can stop
    A deterioration like this

    So lets hold hands
    And fall together
    Keep your eyes shut
    Lets scream forever

    The pain wont be fast
    It goes on quite long
    So lets continue
    Our screaming song

    We put our selves
    On this crash course
    You'd best buckle up
    We'll welcome your corpse

    It's time to pay
    Begin to crawl
    Watch your step to hell
    Its a long fall

    Beggining and End

    It cleanses all
    Try not to laugh
    As your angels fall

    Question their ideals
    Dictate your own
    Without a care at all
    Their blood will build your thrown

    Throw out your remorse
    Leave no room for pitty
    Exclude mercy and thrash weakness
    Your soul pure black and gritty

    With this your machine is built
    Of everything great and dark
    All to be added now
    Is the small pure hatred spark

    Ignite your raw emotion
    Begin your destined deed
    Dont forget your objective here
    To watch all burn and bleed

    Open this beast's eyes
    Show it's reason for being
    Once it gets the meaning
    It will stop their hearts from beating

    You can not turn it off
    Instanity cleanses all
    So go ahead and laugh
    As all once loved falls
  10. [zephyr]

    [zephyr] Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebie

    They're actually really good. :Z
    Unlike some phags who phailsuperhardcore at poems.
    Yours seems to actually mean something.
  11. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    No friends of mine

    This must've been a test
    It came so close
    An explosion of anger
    Screaming fists thrown

    Something just happened
    From content to needing blood
    I almost blew the top
    All over a piece of crud?

    How can I feel
    This way with my friends?
    I wanted to hurt them all
    Emotional wounds never mend

    I felt just fine
    Nothing was wrong
    So how did my anger
    Become so strong?

    I'm afraid of this feeling
    Its not who I am
    Is a part of me sleeping?
    Is this in his plan?

    I wanted to threaten them
    They were so careless
    They know how I am
    My anger flows endless

    If it happens again
    There will be tears
    I wont be so kind
    I'll replenish their fears

    Friends or not
    I dont fucking care
    I'll break their bones
    Lets see if they dare

    An urge a nightmare

    Motherfucking rage
    It begins to set me free
    I'm starting to enjoy it
    My eyes they can now see

    I will tear you open
    Watch your mechanics
    I love to watch you bleed
    I am a hate fanatic

    In my way or not
    I'll run you down for fun
    I will break your ankles
    And laugh as you run

    The smile across my face
    Is not one of joy
    It is one of fury
    Your death it will employ

    Stay away from me
    If you want to breath
    If I get my chance
    Agony you will recieve

    Not only physical
    I will drive you mad
    Please burst into tears
    As I open up your dad

    Pain is my career
    And business is good
    I will treat your mother
    Just as I should

    I can scalp her nice
    Wood chips to her nails
    Hot pokers to her eyes
    An axe when all else fails

    Your brother will fall quick
    He will be a blast
    I'll light up all remains
    And burn them all to ash

    And then there you lay
    Broken and in pain
    You look to me and ask
    "Whats your fucking name?"

    But all I see is you
    Sprawled out on the ground
    I look at you with grin
    Then begin my ground pound

    I look in my mirror
    I think a job well done
    I laugh to myself
    "Tonight was full of fun"

    Fuck you

    You think your so smart?
    I see through your lies
    You cant hide from me
    Its clearly in your eyes

    I look to you for truth
    Your untue to me in turn
    If I find my right reason
    I'll set you ablaze to burn

    What kind of person are you
    To hold me in low regard?
    I give you everything
    But I've dealt my final card

    So lie to me again
    You ruthless hateful bitch
    I'm fed up with you
    You've taken my will to live

    Fuck you an your ways
    You are derived of respect
    In your own pit of misery
    You have fallen to neglect

    You will be sad tonight
    So cry yourself to sleep
    I am satisfied
    It gladdens me you wheep

    A hell

    There he sits
    Watching the clock
    The second hand moving
    Tick tock, tick tock

    Light by candle
    Contemplating all
    Into a trance
    The boy will fall

    The mind can race
    To far away places
    But instead he see's
    Deaths many faces

    A ping and a tap
    Rain on the roof
    His concentration stays yet
    It does not run aloof

    Snoring is heard
    From down the hall
    The trance is broken
    He glances around

    He looks to the clock
    Came an hourly sound
    The hand it struck three
    The young boy looks down

    The clock hits the floor
    The boy looks around
    The candle goes out
    Exit all sound

    The lad is scared now
    Fear in his mind
    3:00A.M. he knows well
    It's significance, it's crime

    The doors first ajar
    Begin to slam shut
    A hissing is heard
    His fair cheeks are cut

    The storm rolls on
    Thunder is heard
    Lightning strikes
    His whimpering is slurred

    He runs to a door
    But it is shut tight
    He pounds on the frame
    With all of his might

    Scream as he may
    No one will come
    He claws at the wood
    As nail leaves thumb

    Everything stops
    Again he sits
    The clock on the wall
    The candle is lit

    He looks to the clock
    The minute hand moves
    It's 3 AM again?
    But it came oh so soon...

    Run and hide

    Your time will come to end
    I'll give you your thorn crown
    You think that your a martyr?
    Upon you they all look down

    I swear upon the clouds
    That kingdom in the sky
    By the time that I am done
    I'll watch you, feel you die

    So while I cast you up
    Upon you pentragram
    It's time you realise
    Your soul it has been damned

    His fury flows through me
    When your subject crosses my mind
    I swear on blood and bone
    Revenge it will be mine

    So enjoy it while you can
    That life you swindled away
    Because upon a pentagram
    With Satan you will play

    Soon I'll take your all
    Leave you nothing dear
    I'll find where you are
    Destroy your life with fear

    So go run and hide
    The monster is now confined
    It's chains may rust and carode
    But his teeth are sharp as knives

    You think you got away?
    2 Years have come to pass
    Still a lifetime to go
    Someday I'll find your ass

    Five months I've held it in
    It's tearing me apart
    Someday I will kill you
    Bear handedly tear out your heart

    This is who I am
    Something dark and evil
    I'll never take it back
    Vengeance I must feel

    I swear to god Darek, when I find you, I'll kill you, your family, your dog, I'll take everything you love and more, you'll regret what you did before all is over with.
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  12. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    This is a poem I wrote for my girlfriend a few days ago, its different from the ones I've put up to this point so tell me what you think, lol. If you see something that doesnt seem to make any sense it's because it has a special significance to me and her, like 27 is our number, etc.


    I look into your eyes
    In you I see my heaven
    I think of all the times
    We drew our 27

    I kiss your perfect lips
    I take in all the love
    Dont stop to take a breath
    I just cant get enough

    I see your brightened smile
    It fills me up with joy
    I think to myself
    I am such a lucky boy

    You take my hand in yours
    We begin to glow
    For the love you give
    I'll never let you go

    I hold you in my arms
    Then I gently squeeze
    I've loved you from the start
    For you I'm on my knees

    I hear your angelic voice
    It puts a smile on my face
    I cherish all you are
    Your love is my embrace

    Everytime we lay
    And hold eachother close
    My love for you it grows
    On you I overdose

    Every time we'd walk
    And gaze up at the sky
    Sitting at Tanner's spot
    Promising we'd never die

    So look me in the eyes
    Kiss my gentle lips
    Let me hold you in my arms
    We should cherish times like this

    Let me hear your pretty voice
    And see you gorgious smile
    For these simple things
    I've walked a million miles

    Take my hand in yours
    And walk with me tonight
    Later when we lay
    We'll hold eachother tight

    The happiness we share
    Brings joyous tears to my eyes
    I'll care untill my end
    True love it never dies.
  13. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    A lost goodbye

    And now your gone
    My little sister
    I only wish
    I could have kissed her

    She had to go
    Off somewhere and die
    I didnt get
    To say goodbye

    Just like that
    A glimpse of time
    I took for granted
    When she was mine

    But now no more
    Will I hold her
    Never again
    Shes gone forever

    My precious baby
    Never, no more
    She upped and walked
    Out of life's door

    And here I sit
    Broken in pain
    She is gone now
    I cry in vain

    I love you, Snicks
    You kept me going
    When all else failed
    Only you, kept me going
  14. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Sweet Revenge

    You think your safe?
    that you are scott free?
    There is no haven for you
    Your corpse is set on me

    I will cripple you
    And let you see
    The many ways of torcher
    Planned for your family

    A blade to the scalp
    A hammer to the knee
    Blood on the floor
    Tracking where you flee

    I'll follow you
    Laugh as you cry
    Watch your eyes dialate
    As you die

    Lay down beside you
    Hear your last breath
    And watch as it enters
    My friend they call death

    Cut you undone
    Piece by piece
    Shit on your remains
    A disgrace at the least

    I'll keep your eyes
    leave them out to dry
    Carode your soul
    It was always a lie

    Hear me out now
    Your name it was drew
    Fore the time I am done
    I'll have killed you
  15. SirGameAlot

    SirGameAlot N3RD

    my own

    When the moon is full and the trees are bare.
    Walk through the Cemetary if you dare.
    Where skeletons rot and corpses fester.
    Locate to the tomb with the skull of a Jester.
    Feed him a token all shiny and new.
    It is then that CarnEvil will return for YOU!
  16. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    I may slip

    If you make me lose control
    I may cause you pain and grief
    But even if its your fault
    The blame gets put on me

    I end up bieng the one
    Who is put in the wrong
    Even though I wanted not
    To cause much pain for long

    Pushing me beyond my limit
    May not be a smart thing for you
    But still with every day
    The same things you do

    I can only take so much
    Before I lose my edge
    I dont like to cause hurt
    It goes against my pledge

    Within this self made hell
    Is a self mutilation
    With every tear you shed
    Further to my humiliation

    I swore not to hurt you
    A promise I try to keep
    But in sanity's absense
    Theres little more than bleak

    Sometimes I may slip
    And do something I regret
    But please do not remind me
    I'd rather try and forget

    I beat myself up
    Fighting on the inside
    Everytime I do
    The pain I cause is mine

    The ones I love must know
    Inside me what is hidden
    I do have my own demons
    Yet to have been ridden

    So in future times
    Please remember my words
    And dont push my limits
    Opening more hurt

    Do I want this?

    It happens to us all
    An end to a beggining
    It seems as though
    One of mine are finishing

    A record to be passed
    A few weeks from now
    A beggining to an end
    Added tears to my brow

    Right now in speculation
    But in truth it can be told
    It once felt brand new
    Nothing new is what I hold

    A distance has appeared
    A gap in attentions
    No longer a priority
    This raises many questions

    A thought now to be pondered
    Could this end be in vain?
    The possibility does exist
    That it would bring me great pain

    So for now it's just a thought
    Unsettled in my mind
    For the question that remains
    Should I still keep this mine?

    I was there for you

    I was there for you
    When your friends turned
    And said mean things
    When they hated and burned

    I was there for you
    When you needed a friend
    When no one would talk
    When you wanted it to end

    I was there for you
    When you had to move
    From your old home
    Stepping with you

    I was there for you
    When you cried about darrek
    Holding you closest
    Through your own darkness

    I was there for you
    When you had nothing
    No one to turn too
    Atleast I was something

    I kept you safe
    When they got perverse
    And tried to touch you
    In confusion you submersed

    I was there with you
    On long night walks
    Discussing our lives
    Back when we'd talked

    I listened to you
    When you spilt your life
    You told me your secrets
    Than I told you mine

    I was your armor
    When others threw stones
    I kept them at bay
    Away I was thrown

    I was your sword
    In your dark hour
    Time of desperation
    When others got sour

    I trusted in you
    I thought you would not
    Hurt me like this
    But I asked for a lot

    I said I was sorry
    It fell on deaf ears
    I must not be worth
    A friendship of years

    I care about you
    It hurts when you cut
    It hurts when you smoke
    We're stuck in a rut

    I'll wait for you
    Despite all these things
    I love you the most
    For all that you bring

    What is this?

    Again it will happen
    The fleet of the bad
    Retreat of whats good
    Entrance to sad

    In goodness's absense
    Will grow a seed
    It will bring with it
    Sadness's creed

    Once greatness falls
    Unto the below
    Forthecoming violence
    Will begin to show

    Soon there wont be
    Anymore nice
    It will be negative
    Absence of Christ

    I'll stand there
    With a blank stare
    Standing upon my mask
    Once more in a glare

    So say goodbye
    To your good feelings
    And try to hide
    From those ugly decievings

    Jealosy's root
    And suspiscions arise
    Hiding behind
    A cute disguise

    Two blue eyes
    Azure with intent
    But at what cost
    My own decent

    I'd really appreciate some feedback on these ones. They're recent.
  17. rimona

    rimona n00b

    Some Tips To Writing Poetry

    Some tips to writing poetry,
    They may not be worth a dime,
    You have to watch the rhythm,
    It's nice if it does rhyme.

    Don’t sit and think of universe,
    Just feel what's in your gut,
    Then write it down and read again
    And cut and cut and cut!

    Don’t contemplate the whys and woes,
    Just listen to your heart,
    And in its wisdom and with its beat,
    You can do your part.

    The grammar that you teacher taught
    Just put it down, aside.
    Then learn to jump, to flow, to surf,
    On your verbal tide.

    Don’t use words like "Require"
    When a simple "want" will do,
    And choose your words by rhythm,
    They'll fit you like a shoe.

    Don’t be afraid of idioms
    They are your help and aid,
    They'll cause a smile, some laughter too
    They're worth their weight in jade.

    Forget about what others think,
    You're writing for yourself,
    The dictionary and spelling books
    Leave safely on the shelf.

    Try writing when you want to laugh,
    Or when you want to cry,
    You'll see it flow, and gush, and pour,
    And burst into the sky.
  18. Andypoptart

    Andypoptart n00b

    Poem I wrote

    My secrets, my fears, my life

    The light shone on the walkway to my heart
    I let you in
    I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have
    You discover my secrets, my fears, my life
    I kick you out
    You expose my secrets, my fears, my life
    I put up shields to surround me
    To surround my secrets, my fears, my life
    Until one day I have none
    No secrets, no fears, no life
    None come to the funeral, they did not know
    They did not know of my secrets, my fears, my life

    It's about a person who starts to love someone, but then finds out that he's an jerk. She ends up to be a person who stays locked in their room. She dies alone, and nobody attended her funeral, because nobody knew she existed.
  19. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    New Light

    An hour of darkness
    Has come to pass
    An end to and end
    Has come atlast

    An eclipse of emotion
    Has come into the light
    New rays of sunshine
    Shown into the night

    A new son has risen
    Another day has come
    Hope has returned
    I'm no longer numb

    A familure sensation
    Comes into my view
    Once long gone
    Now seemingly new

    This red hot ember
    Glimmering embrace
    Much missed warmth
    I've longed for the taste

    In two blue oceans
    I get lost everyday
    Tonight take my hand
    Help me find my way

    Wrote this some time ago but never added it to my laptop, just found the sheet of paper I wrote it on so I figured I'd put it here with everything else.
  20. alphagirl

    alphagirl Banned

    Nice poems, keep it like this!

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