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New poems I wrote

Discussion in 'Arts' started by MegaMan, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Deathsabre

    Deathsabre Enmity of Ages

    Very nicely done. Great thread, Great poems! Keep it up everyone :thumb:
  2. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    A good friend of mine died Sunday in a car accident and his parents asked all of his close friends to write something for him.

    This is what I wrote.


    There were many great times
    Memories worth more than gold
    In our hearts you will remain
    Your story forever told

    A friendship can not be measured
    By that which we can percieve
    To lose something so special
    It gives us all reason to grieve

    We have you in our hearts
    The people here who stand
    Through us you will live on
    In our memories, our hearts, my friend

    So many here who love you
    For you we wish the best
    At gods side you shine now
    With his light, our love, you rest

    I know you read these words
    With a smile on your face
    You'd want us to not cry
    Our tears you would erase

    I'm glad to have called you friend
    Not many of them are known
    In my eyes your of the best
    Your true colors always shown

    I'm afraid this is goodbye
    Zack, my friend undone
    I wish for you the best
    So long, untill my time has come

    And this next poem I just finished writing a moment ago.


    Time passes by
    Sun sets on ease
    Pleasure sets in
    Do it as you please

    Ecstacy to blame
    Addiction can fall
    Come now and try
    Give it your all

    Who can stop the hurt
    We want a sweet release
    Come now give it to me
    I want that golden fleece

    A chance can be taken
    Reward always sought
    This is now your battle
    A battle to be fought

    Just one more now
    I swear I can stop
    Quit this cold turkey
    One more pill to pop

    Slipping into grace
    The devils advocate
    I always loved this taste
    I got the best of it

    It's been a while since I wrote one so I figured I'd give it a shot again, lol.
  3. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest


    In absence of trust
    Theres much left behind
    The love of someone
    Your value of time

    Whats left is disgust
    Imprisoned virtue
    Just close your eyes
    It's the best you can do

    Loyalty's seed
    Fails to take root
    In absence of trust
    Nothing feels new

    A fortress of lies
    A feeble defence
    Jealousy the key
    Hatred at it's best

    Lay seige on the heart
    Pull down all the walls
    Theres much left behind
    As loyalty falls


    I wish I had words
    To show how I feel
    But through apathy
    My words stay conceiled

    I wish I could breath
    But I'm fading out
    I've lost my spark
    I'm trapped in self doubt

    I wish I could see
    But I'm blind to all
    I've lost my hope
    Even further I'll fall

    I wish I could hear
    But I have deaf ears
    Your words speak of nothing
    They're drowned out by tears

    I wish I could feel
    You reach out for me
    But I'm sentenced now
    To sweet apathy

    I wish I could live
    I dont feel alive
    Don't wait for me
    Your waisting your time

    These are my most recent ones, hope ya like them.
  4. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Most of tese don't have names.

    Thickened resolve
    Fearless intent
    Your worth is of sand
    Your sanity's decent

    Some doors will close
    Many will open
    No heart or a soul
    Morale is forsaken

    What leads you to this
    Is evil indeed
    Hate, pain and anger
    With no time to grieve

    Mercy is broken
    Regret full of flaws
    Doubt has no meaning
    These ammount to no cause

    We think we are whole
    Our eyes have been shut
    We live without reason
    Our hopes too high up

    Let go of your chains
    Take hold of your dreams
    Great things await you
    Not as lost as we seem

    Your heart is there
    And your soul is eternal
    Walk the right path
    Life is meaningfull

    Help one another
    Leave no one behind
    To do so unjust
    Leaves all of us blind

    The cup not half empty
    It is half full
    Keep your head up
    Confidence is your tool

    Count all your blessings
    And aim for the sky
    With so much to gain
    We can all learn to fly


    You think I care?
    I know I dont
    You think I'll try?
    I know I wont

    You want me here?
    I'll not stay
    Want me to listen?
    Fuck what you say

    Am I angry?
    No, I'm tired
    I'm sick of you
    Patience retired

    So leave me be
    Please go away
    I really hate you
    These games you play

    Hatred abundant
    That's what I am
    So back off me now
    While you still can



    Running away
    Constant despair
    Hiding, unseen
    Life is not fair

    Talking to the sky
    Is anyone there?
    Running through darkness
    Answer my prayer

    I need your miracle
    Salvation from my hell
    God can't you hear me?
    Into sorrow I fell

    Lift me on high
    Come and save me
    Please answer my prayers
    With all of your divinity

    This is my prayer
    Keep me pure of heart
    Shed light on my path
    Help me make a new start


    All I really need
    Is someone to believe
    That I do my best
    A little stress relief

    Everyones against me
    I never get a break
    Everything I do
    Just another mistake

    I can't take it anymore
    I just want this to end
    I get no peace of mind
    No one to call true friend

    Ever since my youth
    All looked down on me
    I never got respect
    Neglect all I could see

    Life has given me nothing
    No mercy, stone or faith
    I give with no return
    Life always seems to take


    Well that's all I've done lately, and I noticed that my poems have had over 10 thousand more views over the last few weeks. I'd love to get some feedback on what yall think, so many views but not a single comment is a little dissapointing lol.

    Hope to hear from some of you soon, thanks for reading.
  5. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Out of sight, out of mind

    Out of sight
    Out of mind
    Whats this saying?
    Purely blind

    Love is true
    Never hollow
    Sex is then
    Love wont follow

    Stay in right
    Combat your urge
    Don't give in
    Impurities purge

    Betrayal with cost
    This comes soon
    A heart can break
    Anger can consume

    I'm calling you out
    You say faithful?
    I have my doubts

    Go behind reason
    Throw it all away
    Generosity ignored
    Loyalty astray

    Held in low regard
    I dont understand
    I gave you all you needed
    I know not where you stand

    So leave it all behind
    I gave you a great chance
    But in the end betrayal
    You gave me up at glance
  6. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    I read everyone of your poems that you put on here. I like them because they're great. But I Love them because they have such meaning behind them
  7. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Theres not much left of me
    I wish there was some left
    But I gave it all to you
    I always tried my best

    I loved you through all days
    I thought you loved me too
    I gave you all I could give
    It wasn't good enough for you

    I wish you felt like me
    To know how this feels
    Now I'm an empty body
    Now nothing feels real

    You said you loved me
    For such a long time
    For a while I was so happy
    Like war love has no crime

    When you were weak I was there
    I gave you something to live for
    When all else failed for you
    I was there to give you more

    Through darkness I stood by
    With my heart I gave you life
    I took your hand with solace
    Walked with you every night

    When your friends left you behind
    I made sure to not let you fall
    I made sure you felt the warmth of love
    Kept you going without stall

    Why dont you love me now?
    After all we have been through
    How could you hurt me like this?
    I never once doubted you

    The words you said to me
    Left a void in my life
    "I dont love you anymore"
    Cut me deeper than any knife

    With nothing to turn to now
    No one who could understand
    This feeling in my broken body
    A pain I can't withstand

    Theres not much left of me now
    I wish I had something left
    But you ripped it all from me
    You took my heart right from my chest

    I gave you happiness through love
    I thought you loved me too
    You took all I could give you
    In the end you ran me through

    You always told me that you cared
    I guess you never cared that much
    After everything we've gone through
    I'll miss you, your love, your touch

    No one ever told me
    A broken heart hurt so much
    A real pain that can be felt
    Except theres no existing crutch

    Goodbye love of mine
    I loved you through it all
    Even though, in the end
    You would let me fall
  8. kerrod8

    kerrod8 I Better Find Your Heart.

    Did you and your girlfriend...you know?

    I dont want to say it :/
  9. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest


    I haven't written in poem in a long time.

    Looking back on some of these I think I may have been a little insane at the time, lol.

    And no, me and that girl are still together today, going strong after two years.
  10. alwaysalone

    alwaysalone darkness


    Dude, you do some pretty hardcore poem writing.I write poems myself but im too lazy to post em.anyway i admire the meaning behind urs and it annoys me how some ppol write about random shit that means nothing.Honestly,it looks like u got some anger issues but that anger makes good inspiration for these poems.Mine are mostly about hating myself, hating the world, cutting myself (which I do but I dont care about what anyone thinks of me), and about the guy im in love with.Btw, way to go.Its good that you two are togethr-true love is hard to come by;I would know.Anyway, keep up the good work :thumb:
  11. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest

    Most of these I wrote while I was still in high school, two years ago. After I graduated I only wrote a couple others, but thank you for your compliments.

    I had and still have a lot of anger issues, lol. Yes, that was a big motivator for some of these, as well as sadness, betrayal, etc.

    Good luck to you with your boyfriend, relationships can be a bitch sometimes.
  12. MegaMan

    MegaMan Guest


    How many days have come to pass
    Since reason was cast aside?
    Principle seemingly so lost
    As though you've shut your eyes

    Running along the checkered path
    No grievances apparent in mind
    Integrity gone and virtue asunder
    Almost as though you are blind

    I've come to realise the truth in this
    You have no sense of direction
    With no one to guide or interpret you
    You're lost from all conception

    Only obscurity moving forward
    Without any sense or rhyme
    Away with common knowledge
    We're running out of time
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