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NFL controversy!

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by Braixen, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Braixen

    Braixen Reporting for duty! Staff Member

    The most recent NFL controversy has to do with Colin Kaepernick perpetrating protest; on the matter of the national anthem, as well as what that flag, that symbol means to him. The protest has overtaken much of the black community, as well as black players within the NFL.

    Colin Kaepernick states, "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color."

    The majority of news outlets which have covered Colin Kaepernick's "incident," as well as the continued protests he's spurred on as a result of his opinion, seems to state one overarching message: racism. Or rather, the cause for the protest.

    What are your thoughts on this phenomenon which has enveloped much of the media's coverage?

    Let me divulge my own opinion, prefaced by some of my beliefs.

    I do not believe any right-minded individual in this day-and-age is blatantly racist, or racist without reason. At the same time, I believe things like racism will never truly come to an end - and that's okay. The world, or your perception of the world shouldn't be deterred by that of another's opinion. Especially if it's so crass and mundane as having to do with one's skin color. Why not chalk that person up as someone illegitimate, such as one might do to someone who spews nonsense? Why not treat it thusly? Why does humankind take it as such an attack? Why do people care so vehemently when the acts of racism are so isolated, so focused?

    I believe that, due to human nature, we will always, no matter what the subject, segregate ourselves in some form or another. This segregation is innate and dictates without fail who and what type of person we will associate with.

    I fiercely believe that freedom resides OVER social dilemmas. Some exceptions arise, but generally that is so. I believe that my freedom is more important than having to accommodate another, whether that be because they are disabled, elderly, a person of color, or sickly. I don't believe I should have to give way to anyone in any regard, and vice versa. That is, unless I CHOOSE to give them leeway.

    It seems ridiculous to me, advocating thusly. There's a supposed element of racism to the covering of such stories, as in, if you do not agree with the concept generally accepted by black individuals, you are racist. Or, simply because you are white, you may not cover the story without bias, and vice versa. I can't say there is lack of truth to the concerns of the Black Community's struggle, but I can't say they are as relevant and concerning as it is made out to be. Because as I've said, racism is real.

    I believe Kaepernick's protest to be mundane in all sense of the word. I believe it is a worthless pursuit that should be thought into more deeply.

    Taking Kaepernick's quote at a glance explicitly implies that the country as a whole supports and/or advocates for the maltreatment of black individuals, excluding those afflicted and those who do not stand. It's easy to see some angered by this, as it essentially calls all those who don't partake in the subject, racist. Not to mention the value this flag holds for those who have fought, served, and struggled for it.

    I feel Kaepernick's goal could've been more easily rallied behind were it more focused. Simply saying that you kneel because of [incredibly intricate, broad and complex subject] is not the route to endeavor if you want to be taken seriously. As it's almost akin to saying this: "I'm against murder!" Of course you're against murder. Everyone in their right mind is.

    Overall, I don't think Kaepernick is a bad guy, nor do I think he is wrong for doing what he believes in. However, he is doing it in such a poor way, and in such a slow-witted way, I have to wonder why he'd consider it at all. I have to wonder why he wouldn't strive to help more pertinent causes, or specific cases. I have to wonder why he would effectively divide his support into races.


    Thank ya!

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