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Nintendo 64 How Good?

Discussion in 'Other Gaming Consoles' started by kingjazzad12, Nov 11, 2007.

Is a nintendo 64 good

  1. So crap i use is as toilet paper

    4 vote(s)
  2. not bad, not bad at all

    3 vote(s)
  3. average

    4 vote(s)
  4. best, game, ever!

    15 vote(s)
  1. Lev

    Lev Guest

    You are aware that it's a gaming console, right?

    Nintendo 64 was my second console, and my only 5th gen console.

    The System overall was great, the controlers fit nicely although the Dpad was a bit redundant and there were so few games which actually allowed the usage of it, the only one I can recall off the top of my head is Turok 1. The system itself was great despite the memory issues which had to be solved with an "expansion" core which was released with such games as Donkey Kong 64, and I find that the second biggest flaw in the system, the first biggest flaw being that it's controlers had the habit of a residual input response if you started the game while input was coming in. Later in life most systems still work perfectly aside from slight cartrage adjustments when putting the game in, which is exaggerated as shown in the Super Nintendo which is about as fussy as a 2 year old sometimes.

    As for what the system created, was a giant platform on which Nintendo could spread it's wings into the 3D world of hex wireframe graphics. Sega and Nintendo at the time were the only competitors to be making decent games, Sony was just buying companies to make it for them.

    What games came forth from the N64? Let's make a list:

    The Legand of Zelda: Orcarina of Time

    What Zelda game has ever compared to this? I dare you to find any RPG that even comes close to being as enjoyable and timeless as this action adventure, at the time it was absolutely outstanding and carved the path for generation upon generation of untiring sequals and fandom, minish cap aside, this was a great victory for gamers everywhere, and clearly cut a better future than Final Fantasy ever could, not including FFVIIAC which is what all FF games past the hand held ones should be. FFX is the most linear game I've ever seen, it doesn't deserve to be a game let alone an RPG. Stick to movies square enix.

    Super Mario 64
    Such a classic, this was the shit back when when it came out, some of you might be too young to appreciate it, but games like that were amazing, and they made the games now what they are today because they were so great.

    Super Smash Bros.

    The Legand of Zelda: Majoras Mask
    It's deffinatly worth playing, and carved the way for intricate social structures within games as Assassin's creed boasts to emulate.

    Goldeneye007, Turok2

    Both of these games are amazing shooters, back in the day you didn't have fancy computers to play FPS' on, these were the BEST you could get, and they were great.

    Perfect Dark
    God I can't even tell you how much I loved that game, I rather play perfect dark 2 player co op than any other FPS out today.

    Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64
    Amazing and versitile adventure games, Banjo Kazooie was rareware's first great attempt at combining an adventure game with fun multiplayer competition modes.

    This whimsical game is what some describe as the best N64 game ever, and I have to agree with them on some levels, it's multiplayer is fun, addictive and classic, it's adventure mode was interesting, unique, fun, somewhat challenging, and it echod of banjo kazooie. This game is a monument to the pinnicle of rareware's achievements.

    Mario Kart, Diddy Kong Racing
    Diddy Kong Racing has extremely fun gameplay especially on the arial levels, I still find it difficult to find a game as good as that, Mario Kart opened up skirmish/stock racing games and was incredibly fun at the time.

    Other amazing games which a lot of people havn't played?
    Starfox64, Guantlet Legands, Quest64, Kirby 64.

    Nintendo 64 represents a time where gaming giants like Sega and Rareware still stood at power beside Blizzard, Sony, Nintendo and Maxis. Those days will be missed.

    OK! On to pwning!
    If you knew anything about game creation you'd know that they actually make games with better graphics than in-game graphics, this is because they have to change the resolution, anti-aliasing and other graphical effects, at the time the hardware simply did not have enough power because the technology didn't exist to produce that much graphic intensity with the hardware avaliable. The system's clock was under 100, and it only had a 32 bit bus, I know computers with that much power which cannot even run Microsoft Word.

    The reason it's too old for your taste is probably because you wern't even born when the system was released.

    I rather play N64 than PS3 simply because the PS3 is built on the principle that gamers want a DVD player the size of an outdoor grill instead of a gaming console.

    I have to agree that the Wii certainly provides more fun than the N64 just because of it's gameplay, but a game like Trama Center still doesn't stack up with replay abbility to the N64.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2007
  2. BTW I was born then and I got the N64 when i was like 8 I played it for about 2 years and then got bored of it and the only game that actually interested me was Mario. I still say if they delayed the N64 and the games they could have donne a much better job than they did but thats my openion.
  3. kingjazzad12

    kingjazzad12 Banned

    lol didnt have to write that long and yeah super smash brothers pwns and yes i know its a console

    for 1998 the graphics were the bomb!!!!
    nowadays it isnt that good but i still love it

    this xmas im asking for nintendo 64 gifts lol
    and that super mario 64 was exaggerated it isnt as bad as that, i know ive got it

    lol do lots of people like it as much as i do good wooooo!!!!!!:thumb:
  4. sspbball5

    sspbball5 sspbball5

    i love the nintedo 64 it rocks
  5. It's old and battered.

    But it's THE god of all video game consoles.
  6. Triar

    Triar Proud Gamer

    N64 Best video game system ever.
  7. Hyakushiki

    Hyakushiki Ouroboros

    N64 was good before it got obsolete. Perfect Dark 64 is, however, still one of the best FPS's ever made.
  8. zIGMA

    zIGMA n00b

    No they couldnt man, it was probably the best they could do back then....
  9. Abada

    Abada Something smells bad...

    Nintendo 64

    FoR ThE WiN!!11!!!!!1!
  10. aussie-bloke

    aussie-bloke The Friendly Aussie Bloke

    Nintendo 64! love them! im a lover of the classics of gaming and N64 is rockin cool

    Super Mario 64
    Star Wars Episode 1 - Podracer
    they are my fave games at the mo

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