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Discussion in 'Hell' started by SouthoftheSea, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. SouthoftheSea

    SouthoftheSea Lover of all things cute

    Reply if your gay
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2021
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  2. nudes, post nudes
  3. Why the hell?
  4. Go to purnhub and check bbw there's a market for the chunkiest of bitches and btw guys love girls that aren't that skinny
  5. You are just shy come on, just let yourself be seen, there are a lot of guys that would love tou see your breasts
  6. Big_Cat

    Big_Cat Friendly Sabertooth

    I would love more pics of your Lilith character if you could find them.
  7. Spike

    Spike FG's Ultimate Dom Staff Member Administratior Moderator

    lol you are definitely not fat.

    u make my dick fat ifyouknowwhatimean
  8. SylverHeart

    SylverHeart Daddy Sebastian

    How about not nudes, but just underwear and bra? I’m sure you’re very sexy.
  9. SpringShowers

    SpringShowers I'd like female playmates

    Why be more clear, nudes are a whole other subject.
    I'd say try finding hentai pictures of what turns YOU on so folks can also use that. Hehe, say bondage or something. That way you and the partner click more and may even cum faster. Kink pictures. ^^
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  10. SylverHeart

    SylverHeart Daddy Sebastian

    I apologize. I was unaware of your intentions. In that case I would agree with SpringShowers. Post what makes you happy, your kinks. It really helps people find you.
  11. i quite enjoy rape specially if it's young
  12. i'm legally forced to say that 18+ but for what i say you know what i do like to be hones
  13. cheap cum dumpster is what they are and they should be honored to be treated like that
  14. i just think that there shouldn't be a need for a men and "women" bathroom, just one toilet and that's it
  15. arsenicCatnip

    arsenicCatnip :33 < *ac waves*

    (replace 'men' with 'dickgirls' and this is just like something out of my homestuck RPs)
  16. I would literally wanna be fucked senseless by a shemale, go on please
  17. Andi bunnyboy

    Andi bunnyboy n00b

    you're "legal obligation" be damned, I agree more with this one... and yet as a bi, I ALSO am an eager lover of cock... that said, I DO love me some young-porn.
    women exist to be bred, if they can have a brat, they should.. so they can teach that child to do the same for their Daddy as Mommy did, just spread their legs and give him even more holes....

    Or send those cocks my way, either way I'd enjoy it :p
  18. Your* and good point there
  19. Big_Cat

    Big_Cat Friendly Sabertooth

    Yeah at first that would be exciting but making it that casual would take so much excitement out of sex. The thought of going to Mickey dees , sticking my dick in a hole, getting my rocks off, and eating a McChicken like nothing happened. Just sounds like it would take so much away from the experience. I do like the mystery of the glory hole idea, honestly I would find it scary to just sticking my penis into a hole, having no idea on who is on the other side. Which also is what makes it exciting . If it became that casual though, it would make cause people to become a bit jaded.

    I do however find it very sweet that you find such joy in giving others pleasure though. :)
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  20. walksthenight

    walksthenight n00b

    Hey, if you want to post nudes but don't like how the internet is forever look at temporarily.exposed that's what I do

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