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One of my poems

Discussion in 'Arts' started by dmen, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. dmen

    dmen Angel of Death

    i wanted to get some input on this poem i wrote before i tryed givin to this girl and i dont know enough people so tell me what you think.

    I used to see you everywhere.
    In all of my classes you were there.
    In the hallway, I'd pass you by.
    Each time i just couldn't lie.
    Strollin' around in a store,
    there you were five times more.
    Not once did i ever complain,
    'cause you took away all my pain.

    Now your gone and I'm alone,
    since then my heart needed to be sown.
    I lost you before I even had you.
    Now Iregret everything i didn't do.
    I practically watched you slip through my fingers.
    Now your essence just kinda lingers.
    I could have done things so much better,
    but instead i gave you that stupid letter.

    Now it seems my last chance.
    If i fail, I'll only get a glance.
    My heart's pounding, my head's racing.
    I got one shot thats not worth wasting.
    My body shakes, I'm way to nervous.
    Oh well, I'm gonna do this.

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