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Open up forums?

Discussion in 'Comments and suggestions' started by Slie, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Slie

    Slie kik Slieone88

    Why are the forums closed to new members? :( It is so sad when I want friends to come in and join the fun!!
  2. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Kik: _Anjanath

    Majority of the users who were once on here are pretty much gone. (Busy with Life, school, etc.etc.)

    The forums being closed to new members? I did not know this. Probably due to all the spam that floated around. It is for the best anyway.
  3. orangevsrake

    orangevsrake Total Mass Retain

    It would be nice, yes.
  4. You

    You Guest

    It seems stupid to me that it's still closed off. I mean, there are captchas on commenting. It should be fine I guess.

    Could someone contact the admin?
  5. Considering that yeah I just now have seen that captcha is being used to post on the forum I don't think it could hurt to open up the forums again. Just this time I think mods or at least more active mods should be enlisted to take care of any spam since one person shouldn't be expected to handle everything even if for a time being this site will continue to be dwindled down to almost nothing.

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