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Osama is dead.

Discussion in 'Intelligent Discussion' started by FoxFur, May 2, 2011.

  1. FoxFur

    FoxFur FurFag

  2. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    I have mixed feelings.

    While I am happy to see that the one responsible for 9/11 has finally been punished; the fact that people around the world are celebrating someone's death is a rather sad moment for humanity.

    I'm not trying to lessen the accomplishment or anything of the sort, but I think his death may have made things worse. While Al-Qaeda may have lost a key member of their organization, they may have also obtained a weapon far more powerful than nuclear weapons: a martyr.

    In any case, congratulations to those involved who made it possible. Regardless of whether the effects of this action are good or bad, they are the ones who did what they believed was needed in order to ensure our safety.
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  3. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    I hate being a Pessimist but Killing Osama Bin Laden is Not gonna End Terrorism.

    I'm With Blaze on this one, I thought that It was Pretty sad that People in My Neighborhood Were Going Crazy because this guy is dead, It still not gonna bring back the 3,000 or so Victims at 9/11, But Then again Americans , Or just Humans in General are know to be Dumbasses

    I For one Have a hard time Believing That they killed, I want to See a body, And I think Still then I wouldn't believe it because of Modern day technology

    Fo All You Know, There is gonna be another Terrorist that will probably be be like 10x Worst than Osama, Hopefully I am Wrong​
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  4. SC-Glider

    SC-Glider -

    It is indeed an event for future history books, or something of the sort. There were multiple parties throughout the Washington DC area, and many hearts were lifted from this death. I think it was very professional that despite everyone's hatred toward Osama that he received a burial at sea, because it's a sign of respect.

    But no, sadly this will not end terrorism; you can't end it with just one man down. In fact, many people are so caught up in bliss that they aren't thinking about the affect this will have on other countries. War may be just around the corner.
  5. FoxFur

    FoxFur FurFag

    I agree, most likely someone will step up to the plate. This could potentially backfire. What if Al-Qaeda decides to lash out at america again? If we just stayed out of the middle east, maybe they wouldn't hate the U.S so much. America has a bad habit of wasting its time and resources trying to fix other countries problems, when there are plenty of our own that we haven't resolved yet.
  6. SurferChick

    SurferChick Guest

    sorry to correct you but he was actually killed by a team of Navy Seals...

    But anywho... Yea the celebration is sad but at least they were respectful and buried (at sea) him in accordance with his religious beliefs (lord know he wouldnt have had the same respect for us). And no, this isn't gonna end the "war on terror". If anything its just gonna piss them off and cause some sort of retaliation.
  7. 12 Virgin

    12 Virgin A person of change.

    Personally, I'm not sorry he's dead, but I think it's kinda sick that people are celebrating his death. You're not suppose to do that, or maybe that's just my religion talking.
  8. kingturnip19

    kingturnip19 n00b

    I am of no religion but I respect those who are. And faith or not think that this could

    potentially backfire. I live in the UK and when i saw this article on the news I felt a brief

    feeling of IRONY. I mean, celebrating his death in the street is not going to reverse what

    happened. during one of his speeches Barrak Obama said "The war on terror will not stop

    until we find osama bin laden", But the sad truth is, he's just gonna be replaced, by

    someone much worse...
  9. sweet.heart.4life

    sweet.heart.4life barely legal

    okay, i really dont want to rain on any ones parade, but i dont think bin laden is dead. i get that i may be paranoid and all that crap, but i think it was a bit too elaborate for a death. i respect other cultures and religions, but i would have loved to see the body before it was sent to sea, like everyone says it was. i still sort of say that bin laden and obama are sitting in the white house, eating dinners made of of some off the wall crap. but thats just me, i respect your opinions. now, the americas government is being over run, and who knows if any one has infiltrated, for all we know, obama could be part of al qeuda.
  10. Dare-Devil

    Dare-Devil Dare-Devil

  11. Simsy

    Simsy Guest


    What fabolous news ;) ;)

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