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Paladin or Necromancer? Who do you want to be?

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Kyoujin, Dec 26, 2008.

Who would you rather be?

  1. A Paladin

  2. A Necromancer

  1. perigrinxl

    perigrinxl Story Writer

    Id have to say necromacer.Dont get me wrong i would pick a paladin but With necromancer ill sommon up loads of skeletons and zomebies to clean my house,kill my enemys,and well anything i want.
  2. Seracco

    Seracco n00b

    Rouge should be spelled rogue... Just something that caught my eye. A dark knight wouldn't necessarily mean you are an evil paladin. A knight is very different from a paladin afterall. You're trying to think up a blackguard, I think.

    Well to me I would much prefer to hack n' slash then be summoning up some skellys and other deaders.

    Imagine this:
    To your left you see darkened trees corrupted by some evil force. To your right a hill that capers with a dark tower. The obvious lair of the evil force that permeates the very air around you. You mutter a prayer. The God(s) deems you worthy of this and gifts you with the revelation that the obvious tower was just an illusion. The hill also disappears and you realize that this necromancer is no novice. Your horse whinnys and you are suddenly realizing how exposed your back is; even though it's covered with heavy full plate armor, you turn your mount.

    You stare into the darkness of a thousand corpses. Your shocked that they could sneak up on you so easily. You utter a prayer and you feel divine power course throughout your very body and the reanimated corpses glow a fiecely bright color. You realize that they are no illusion. You dismount and unsheath your heavy broadsword.

    With overwheling power you stab the blade downard into the ground and bury it to the hilt. The air around you explodes into light. Every corpse acts as one, they disintegrate into the mists. Your body feels drained, as if you had ran a mile in full battle regalia. Your shoulders burn and your head is on fire. You know that you must persist. To turn back now would mean disgrace and death for many.

    The enemies defeated you risk just one more prayer. The ground turns into a misty path that winds its way through trees and around shriveled bushes. A path that guides you to the lair of the necromancer. You remount with some effort this time. Your hand hovers to your neck and grasps the symbol of AO. You feel renewed and you know that He is with you. You realize that after a hundred feet or so that your horse is to scared to continue. It's is still a pony and hasn't been battle-hardened yet.Dismounting again, you march forward following the unearthly glow.

    You've finnally arrived sat the lair. It's just a small den and very unassuming. No one would have believed that one of the most powerful summoners would hve lived there. You remove you helm and prepare for the arduous task set forth by the God(s). Ot would be a long night on the precipices of hell.
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  3. brenan

    brenan me

    id i have to say id easily pick necromancer because while necromancer are cool and stuff necromancers can just summon undead to do anthing you want. youd never have to clean your house again:D:D:D
  4. Murk

    Murk n00b

    Paladin for sure, because they are more nice..If you are naturally a bad person, pick Necromancer, if not then pick Paladin..I am a nice guy..Well when I'm bored I get a bit on the bad side but overall I'm nice. A Paladin isn't perfect, Paladins are just protectors of what's good and holy..Necromancers just use their powers for their own good, causing people to dislike them and give them disadvantages...Paladins definitely have the upper side for sure...By the way, if Paladin where not a choice I would pick a kitten!! Aww! And make people crouch over my petting my soft fur, I would be so cute everyone would do what I want aaww kitties so cute!:321::stupid::cat:
  5. SuperAsh

    SuperAsh The shit has hit the fan!

    Palidans Rule

    Its no lie that palidans kick bootey , but necromancers put up a good fight
  6. monsterboog

    monsterboog Ancient gods wrath

    Necromancers can use swords too, but they uses different tactics to do so. They send armies of undeads attacking in front, and they enter in back slashing their way trough the ennemy.
    This is called a fighting necromancer, the one that I want to be.But if I had more choice, I would choose an assassin, the one that lurks in the darkness and strike fiercely and mortally.
  7. WickedUpgrades

    WickedUpgrades Gaming Bitch.

    Paladin, Mainly because its off wow, but meh.
  8. dareupyourparty

    dareupyourparty Master of dares

    The poll is really close!

    I think necromancers may be the stereotypical bad guys everyone loves but I choose them for another reason. In any game, like Diablo, I just love it when you can summon and control other minions.

    I will choose this char even if he is weaker than others because of that!
  9. Flounce

    Flounce Tactical Wordsmith

    illynal Edward

    Necromancer. Because I like to feel powerful. Sure it might be fun to be a Paladin and smash shit to pieces in the name of God. But as a Necro, you can send wave after wave of evil undead minion to do your bidding. That kind of control over anything entices me
  10. vcbdbkjaa

    vcbdbkjaa n00b

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