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PC Gaming friendos.

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by ScarletOHart, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. ScarletOHart

    ScarletOHart Just a wee bit looney

    Looking for friendos who have
    1. A STEAM account is a must.
    2. Who will be chill with voice chatting. Skype or Discord. (Not required)
    3. At least be able to play one of the following games.
    4. Can play Ark: Survival Evolved. (I currently run a private Aberration and Ragnarok server. As long as you don't mess with the current players stuff, then I would love to have you play!)
    5. Can play 7 Days to Die
    6. Can Play Grand Theft Auto V Online (PC ofc)
    7. Can play Don't Starve Together.
    8. Can play Reign of Kings (I haven't run a server for RoK in a LONG time, but I will be willing to try again.)
    9. Can play the Stardew Valley mutiplayer BETA.
    10. Can play Terraria.
    11. Can play Stick Fight: The Game, Mount your Friends, or Golfing with Friends. (These are last on the list because they get repetitive and aren't my favorite ones.)
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  2. ShroudofDarkness

    ShroudofDarkness A Tired Shade

    Wish you best of luck finding someone ^~^

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