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Poem i wrote, not great but i think its ok

Discussion in 'Arts' started by lonely_teen, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. lonely_teen

    lonely_teen Rebel

    I can't live without you,
    Please stay
    And I love you
    All words I heard too much before

    The heart believes
    Yet the mind denies
    Oh I wish I had a heart of stone

    I run away
    He follows
    Saying all those sweet sayings
    Things I wish I could believe

    For the pain I suffered
    Is like no other
    With the touch of his hand
    I grow softer

    Thats when I knew...
    That he was who my heart adored
    Yet he was who my mind despised

    When you apologize so sweetly
    When you plead for forgvieness
    Oh that sweet way of yours
    My heart wants to stay close
    Yet my mind wants to push you away

    This is my story
    This is when...
    My worst enemy
    Is my sweetest love
    It is a battle of heart and mind

    Isn't it amazing how some
    Will continue to love
    With all those shattered pieces
    Where our hearts used to be...

  2. Tehman

    Tehman [Heart o' Gold]

    Coming from someone who writes poetry in his spare time, yarr, I do...I thought it was pretty good, heh. Good job. :)
  3. luke08

    luke08 spamaholic

    That was great :thumb:
  4. yumatt

    yumatt Dr0p De@d G0rge0us

    it's pretty good but what about this one

    I am a Vampire Lurking in the night, I look for blood and never see the light.
    I might be behind you and teeth u in the neck or i could blow your head off it'll only take me a sec.
    Wearing a Long Red cape dragging along the floor and a metal glove acting as a claw.
    If you piss me off ill go Khaos on your ass, ill blow up your house and ill do it in a fancy class.
    I hold a Cerberus and have a giant claw, if u take me on ill rip open your front door.
    I'll come into your house and shoot both your kids get my giant claw and stab your wife in the ribs.
    I dont take shit from no one no matter of there size, ill pull out my cerberus and give them a big suprise.
    My Long Black Hair sways in the air, as i dive from building to building as the townsfolk stare.
    The other vampires come natural but not me, i was made through a machine and thats how ill always be.
    The last thing u'll here is the clicking of my gun, as i pull the trigger and BANG your done.

    Jacob XD © 2009

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