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>>Poetry Corner<<

Discussion in 'Arts' started by midmist, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. midmist

    midmist Infected by Solanum.

    Sorry if this already exists.
    I noticed some people post poems with their posts, and to be honest it's getting annoying to me especially when posted over and over again. So this is just a place to post your poems, overall. Right, DarkStar?
  2. iimNEVERhiis

    iimNEVERhiis n00b


    "She hates me good"
    "She hates me so"
    "I shouldnt have let my feelings grow"

    "ii loved her so much"
    "she was all i could think of"
    "To me she was an angel from above"

    "But now ive done wrong"
    "and i cant get her back"
    "Everything ive done good always goes off track"

    "can she heaar what i say?
    "can she listen to me"

    Oh Fxck it..
    i cant do the rest..
    im in shitt depression right nows!!!
    -samm sad face-
  3. Britnie Jean

    Britnie Jean n00b

    So, this is an old assignment from poetry class....it's called 20 little poetry projects..each line has nothing to do with the last..you're given a list of rules for each line(ex. say something in a foreign language)..and it doens't need to make sense...

    The morning is my alarm clock.
    You make everybody cry.
    I can taste the morning dew.
    I feel the autumn leaves crackle under my feet. It smells like a banana pancake, that crunches inside your mouth when you chew, but it looks delicious anyway.
    I cant taste the bright light of the sun.
    Mother Goose never had it this good in Hawaii.
    You don't really make everybody cry.
    I laugh before I go to bed at night.
    I just finished blitzing at work.
    I'm blind, I can't hear my teachers.
    "I'm gonna bop you on the schnoot!"
    The gorgeous boy of humor makes me cry.
    I was depressed as a Birthday party.
    I flew over the city at midnight.
    Brinny watches idly, not commenting,
    knowing she'll do the same in the coming days
    The hott table scalded my fingers.
    I can never remember to forget his eyes.
    Dessine-moi un mouton.
    The sky yawns with the fatigue of the coming night.
    The morning comes again and the morning alarm clock shines into my sleeping eyes, waking another day.
  4. They do make some people cry though.
    You ev'r had to get up at 3 a.m"?".

    I've not.
  5. Zeusy

    Zeusy The Surreal Love Bastard

    Jesus Christ, its 2:42 AM
    listening to "Necolust" by Mayhem
    Until now I was Unaware how I am far I am So far into the night
    because of the hypnotizing computer Monitor Light
    Not Much time I have to kill
    Taking that Sleeping Pill
    I far into a world I rarely Visit
    The Dream Wold waiting o show what it has to Exhibit

    In the far west of dream world I have seen
    the Confusing, yet it has a feel of a movie scene
    Metaphoric, Confusing
    Surreal, Amusing
    Thing I've seen that makes me not want to wake up
    Having a Joint with an Tiny imp no bigger than a cup

    I have also been The east
    where the Land is dark, Home of Demons and Beast
    A place where they know you fears
    a place of evil and torment is always near
    Frightening, Unforgiving
    Dreadful, Dehumanizing
    You wan to Leave But You can't get away
    Demon eating you soul, Am I gonna Die today?

    Until a few hour has away to go to Waking
    As my eye lids begin shaking
    as I get closer to becoming awaken
    Another Day to Spend, Until I go to dream again
  6. marl

    marl n00b


    love is an ocean of pure lust passion
    love is delightful love is a fashion

    love is a rose on mid summers day
    love is no joke love is no game

    love is an eagle free as can be
    love is amazing as you can see
    after i made up that poem i felt realy relaxed:)
  7. gogosago

    gogosago n00b

    In isn't really poem but

    One Fine day
    In the middle of the night
    to dead men came out to fight
    back to back they face
    they drew there swords
    and shot each other
  8. DarkStar

    DarkStar Banned

    Howabout this.

    "She hates me good"
    "She hates me so"
    "I shouldn't have let my feelings grow"

    "I loved her much"
    "And how I miss her so"
    "Her face and how her beauty glow"

    "Now I've done wrong"
    "I cant get go back"
    "What I did has gone off track"

    "Can she hear what I say?"
    "And if she could"
    "Would she stay?"

    That any better?
  9. Saintnight

    Saintnight Banned

    Nightime prayers are never heard
    Observation of dreams
    So absurd
    Black darkness cloaks the sky
    Brimming with fire
    Eternal circles, rotations
    Hurricanes and a liar.

    Storming the mind like
    Forest to flame
    Nothing is sacred, everything theirs
    Try to protect
    To no avail
    Wink an eye, point your finger
    Who is to blame?

    For an incident of high priority
    Like sugar and salt
    Two opposites
    Playing the same game

    Shame for thee who
    So cruel
    Tried to observe the world
    Without a cover slip

    Who caused so much scare
    Of things never to happen?

    Shame, the V-chip and Them

    (I hope it wasn't too bad. I never write poetry):rolleyes1:
  10. Mr. Buttapple

    Mr. Buttapple Sell by Date, 9/01/2010


    i hate u advertisers e.e

    Rose is are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You are so damn hot i'm in love with you.

    i thought i'd post a obvious one ;D

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